Shreya Dubey – the literary star pens down Acceptance!

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Shreya Dubey is an author, poet, storyteller, writer, and an analyst by profession. She was an engineering student and now currently working in MNC in Hyderabad and has native as Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh.

She has been writing from her 6th grade and continues to do so far. Her writings are inspired by real-life experiences and cover different segments, tranquility, and storms of emotions.

Growing up she always dreamt of becoming a novelist and a creative writer.

Her interests are multifarious like her likes and dislikes. She loves writing, reading, blogging, photography, traveling, and exploring. She is also a lovely singer and a good dancer.

She is super sensitive about pets, animals, and veganism.
Loves to spend time with family and her doggo Ronnie.

She is the author of her upcoming debut poetry book titled “FOUR TOWNS FOR A HOME” and started working on her second book. She is co-author of more than 20 best seller anthologies and still counting on. She has successfully released per special podcast on platforms like Spotify, gaana, jio music, and many more with the title “Don’t give up on hearts”. Apart from being a writer and poet, she is also a live host and reader with a big firm on Instagram.

She looks forward to chasing her dreams with no pauses.

You can connect with her on
Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/chordsofmysoul
Instagram : shreyadubey10
Insta – Writes at : from_thediaries
Or write her at shreyadubey10@gmail.com

“ACCEPTANCE” by Shreya Dubey

It’s hard right!!!

But isn’t it so necessary for the moment and for the life. We all come across the hard times which let us down, times of pain, of rejections, of heartbreaks, of inferiorities, of anxieties and many more lows and we are not able to move any step further because we are so stuck with the memories of past, laughters of those times and those flowery pictures of the back times. We all are questioned, judged of our every own feeling at all phases of our lives….

At times, it’s going to be hard even to stay in your own skin when the world would be unstably and constantly moving but the movements would be scaring you, threatening you of even the worst falls.

The doubt of self-worth and death of self respect would be touching and biting every pore of your naked skin and you’ll be able to see the blood flowing from the tiny pores invisibly flowing just like a river.

When you would literally feel the weight of heart on your chest like a heavy stone, impossible to be moved or broken, so hard and heavy that does not allow you to break into pieces, so that it could be thrown out in form of the tears.

But, but ,but ,

Until when the sufferings are going to be worth or is it even worth it now???

When you will realise your worth, you’ll put yourself on the easier test and lane to bring yourself back. When people loose or leave you. Who met the loss?

It’s you!!!

You lost yourself from you.

Yes this is the answer.

They killed every creative part of your soul, turning shines to darks, smiles to frowns, laughters to tears and you let that happen didn’t you?

Are you so weak?


The mind in head and the heart inside your chest, isn’t any less than a soldier.

So let’s learn to be okay even if they are okay with your inner disturbances, learn to be happy even if they are not sad about your absence, learn to smile even if they want you in tears, learn to be yourself even when they want to see just themselves in you after they left.

Because you are enough to be rebuilt again and every good heart is going to hold on to you.

Let’s learn the power of acceptance and believe in self growth because the sooner the feeling of acceptance will run in your veins the more you will be finding yourself under the process of self growth.

Why we keep wasting time in something which isn’t even able to equate the level of our soul and let’s start investing in boosting power of your heart, brain and body.

Let’s affirm this and promise yourself, to let go something or someone,which makes you question your self-worth and keep nurturing your soul just like you nurture a plant at your sweet home.

I totally know, this journey is going to be super hard but please give a try.

I am telling you, it will be worth it. You’ll find yourself where you have never been.
Sending love and strength !!!


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