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Shreya Dubey is an author, poet, story teller, writer, podcaster and an analyst by profession. Working in MNC in Hyderabad and has native as Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh.
Her writings are inspired from real life experiences and covers different segments, tranquility and storms of emotions. 
Growing up, she always dreamt of becoming a novelist and a creative writer. 
Her interests are multifarious like her likes and dislikes. She loves writing, reading, blogging, photography, traveling and exploring. She is also a lovely singer and good dancer.
She is super sensitive about pets, animals and veganism.
Loves to spend time with family and her doggo Ronnie.

She is author for her upcoming debut poetry book titled “FOUR TOWNS FOR A HOME” and started working on her second book. She is coauthor of more than 20 best seller anthologies and still counting on. She has successfully released per special podcast on platforms like Spotify, gaana, jio music and many more with title “Don’t give up on hearts”. Apart from being a writer and poet, she is also a live host and reader with a big firm on Instagram. She has been featured at many prestigious platforms like daily hunt, Menafn, zee5, jio news, Indian saga, fox interviewer and google news feature.

She looks forward for chasing her dreams with no pauses. 

You can connect with her on
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shreya.dubey.5836
Facebook page : chordsofmysoul
Instagram : shreyadubey10
Insta – Writes at : from_thediaries
Or write her at shreyadubey10@gmail.com

The Rising Stars platform is proud to have SHREYA DUBEY as Independent Indian Icon


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