Search Best Courses to Study Abroad with GRADSearch

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Finding the right program to study abroad out of the hundreds, if not thousands, of options out there can be a challenge. Thankfully, tools like GRADSearch simplify your search for the perfect course subject list for applications to study abroad!

This powerful tool streamlines the research process by bringing together program details from over 3,000 universities into one easy-to-use search engine.

What is the GRADSearch Tool?

The GRADSearch tool is Gradstar Global Education’s very own course search database. With a simple three-step process, you can sort through over 130,000 programs from around 25 countries to discover the options that match your needs. The tool helps you discover the course subject list that matches your requirements in a matter of seconds, saving you hours and days of research.

Here’s How GRADSearch Works

1. Search by Subject Keyword: Start by entering keywords relating to the field of study or the program you wish to study into the GRADSearch bar. A handy tip: make sure that you spell out the subject in full – for example, instead of typing “BEng”, type out, “Engineering” instead

2. Apply Filters: Refine your search results using filters such as program type (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD), location preferences, degree type, and more.

3. Select the Right Country: Narrow down your options by choosing the country where you wish to study. Consider factors like cultural fit, language proficiency requirements, and post-graduation opportunities.

4. Preview University Options: Explore the universities that offer programs matching your criteria. This includes critical information like program start dates and tuition fees. Use this information to look further into factors like the university’s reputation, program structure, faculty, and facilities, to decide whether this is the right university for you.

5. Explore Scholarships: GRADSearch compiles the scholarships of its database of universities for easy access when you are exploring your list of university courses. Investigate available scholarships and financial aid options that align with your academic achievements, financial status, and specific eligibility criteria.

6. Shortlist Programs: Create a shortlist of programs that meet your academic and personal preferences. Compare details such as program outcomes, curriculum highlights, and alumni success.

7. Start an Enquiry with Gradstar Global Education: Connect with Gradstar Global Education to learn more about your course subject list. The Gradstar Student Success Consultants offer one-on-one guidance throughout the application process, visa requirements, and other aspects of studying abroad.

Searching for the ideal program abroad might seem daunting, but with GRADSearch, narrowing down your course subject list to study abroad becomes simpler. Take control of your study abroad plans with the right tools and experts!


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