Ryan P. Coyne on Deconstructing Digital Advertising

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a paradigm shift for many different industries, with the focus changing from the physical to the digital world. Digital consumption, according to WARC in its Digital Media Trends report, increased by 30% worldwide in 2020, and experts predict such trends to continue until well after the pandemic.

Nowhere are these changes more apparent than in the digital advertising sector, one of the industries that are in a perfect position to capitalize on current growth trends. Increasing digitization has long been a growing part of advertising, and the market trends caused by COVID-19 seemed to have only accelerated the inevitable. Now, more than ever, the advertising world is continuing to innovate with different ways of leveraging different types of data, platforms, and outlets that technology provides.

In spite of this, some aspects of the industry remain painfully old-fashioned, particularly with how advertising firms interact and partner with their clients. With very little exception, clients continue to shoulder much of the risk in advertising, having to pay the budget upfront for campaigns with little certainty of success. That’s where Ryan P. Coyne’s Olympic Media comes in.

Ryan P. Coyne is an entrepreneur with experience founding and growing digital media firms while managing all facets of the business, including executive management, sales, product development and operations. Born in 1987 in West Chester, Pennsylvania, he was never afraid of taking risks or getting his hands dirty. In 2004, 2005, and 2006 he was selected to row for the United States of America, rowing against competition from around the world. And, in all three instances where he represented the United States of America, Coyne brought home gold medals.

After graduating from Cornell University, Coyne joined JP Morgan in their investment bank in New York City where he worked on mergers and acquisitions in the financial services sector.

After leaving New York, Coyne moved to Washington, DC where he helped launch and build IMGE, a premier digital marketing agency.

Then, in 2018, Ryan Coyne decided to strike out on his own with Olympic Media, a new-age digital advertising agency that focuses on a broad array of business verticals including politics, sports & entertainment, intelligence & defense, consumer brands, advocacy, and real estate. And then, in 2019, this Philadelphia native and three-time national champion rower, was also honored with induction into the Malvern Prep Athletic Hall of Fame.

Now, Coyne’s new-age digital advertising agency Olympic Media tackles a broad array of business verticals but distinguishes itself with its unique, risk-free business model. When asked about his mentality when starting Olympic Media, Coyne often jokes, “Well, I do digital consulting and advertising, but if you need me to do laundry, I will do that. If you need me to do the landscaping, I will do that. Anything that you will pay me for, I will do.” This mentality, and Coyne’s overall leadership, has made Olympic Media hugely successful, having grown from a one-man operation to a company of over 30 employees in just four years. Coyne also credits much of this success to the company’s unique model that turns traditional advertising pricing structures on its head. Instead of clients taking on all the risk for a campaign, Olympic Media shoulders the initial investment, getting paid based solely on a campaign’s success. This, Coyne claims, allows even small companies to ramp up with absolutely no financial risk.

Today, Olympic Media is continuing to diversify with the launch of a few publishing, consumer brands, and data brokerage businesses. 

As for Coyne himself, the proudly conservative entrepreneur continues to invest in new ventures in the form of projects focused on his passions and public service. In 2019, he established The Working Warrior Foundation to help struggling veterans who are unemployed, or underemployed, find fulfilling employment while providing the tools necessary to transition back into civilian life. Recently, he also founded We the People Wine as his first foray into consumer brands which celebrates American Exceptionalism as well as our Nation’s founding principles such as Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Enterprise. 


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