Rocky Lee Million Dollar Manager

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Rocky lee is also known as Million Dollar manager is now one of the major Hip-Hop music producers in NYC. He leads a pretty exciting life and his fans have always questions about him regarding how he got so much success at this young age and what will he be doing in future. We bring out some interesting facts about Rocky Lee which will leave you amazed-1) Rocky Lee own Million Dollar Music record which has produced number of talented artist over the years. The Million Dollar record studio is right at the top in hip hop music production in NYC.2) Rocky Lee is a true New Yorker. He is born and raised in Bronx, and live there his whole life. According to Rocky it is his favorite city ad he wants to do so much for the beloved people of New York.3) Rocky Lee is an academically brilliant student. He finished his high school, college and even attended major.4) Rocky lee is a certified chef and also have keen interest in culinary. He is in fact major in culinary arts and pastry.5) Rocky Lee started out as DJ when he was only 18. Not only it was his first sting, it was so successful that he started to get offers from many major studios too and he associated with many major artists too.6) Rocky Lee had pretty successful career as DJ but still decided to start up his own record label studio so other people like him can get their fair chance at success.7) Rocky Lee prefers fresh and new talented artist over the already famous artist.8) Rocky Lee is also a philanthropist. He regularly organizes charity events and has been part of many initiatives. He has dedicated his entire career helping out his community as much as possible.Rocky Lee is right now involved with many projects and will be announcing these developments very soon. His TV show is expected to be a big surprise for many.


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