Ricki Manahan, AKA “The Huntress of Tahoe,” Fulfilling Real Estate Needs One Client at a Time

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The real estate world has grown into a space where people build real careers out of helping other people find the best properties they desire. Ricki Manahan is one of those who have built a career in real estate and instilled herself as a dominant force in the industry.

Popularly known as “The Huntress of Tahoe,” Ricki Manahan is an expert negotiator and strategic marketer who has risen to the top of the luxury real estate market and is doing remarkably well at delivering clients’ needs. She is a well-grounded salesperson and has used her experience to fulfill her clients’ goals. 

Ricki Manahan is the number 3 agent of  Allison James Estates and Homes for sales volume of 2021, where she handles a wide range of real estate transactions. Her track record of success in getting her clients their dream properties while also delivering the best real estate deals has propelled her to the top. And in her words, she said: “I am a quick study. Once I understand what my clients’ goals and key attributes are for their vacation or primary home, I will do everything in my power to find properties on or off the market until I find the perfect solution.”

The mother of five draws inspiration from her children as she has noted many times that they keep her going. “They fuel my drive daily and make me get up every single day. I have always wanted to give them a good life, and for years, drawing inspiration from them has helped me achieve success, and I have them to thank for everything I’ve achieved today,” she said.

Her success is based on her philosophy of seeing properties as worth what anyone is willing to pay. This has helped her to handle her business confidently and go all out to get the best for her clients. Her veteran status in the industry is not up for debate and has been proven by the many prestigious awards she has received over the years. Her persistence, strong desire for success, and effective communication have helped her earn clients’ trust.

Ricki Manahan’s operations cover Truckee/Tahoe, California, and she has plans to expand her services in the region. Over the next few years, she is committed to educating people on the importance of owning investment properties and how to get acquainted with their local real estate markets. In addition, with the wealth of experience she possesses, she hopes to share her expertise with as many people as possible and get the opportunity to work with more clients than ever before in the region.

Having built a strong reputation in California, Ricki plans to extend her services to other states while helping other aspiring real estate professionals grow in the business and be prepared for the hard work of being real estate professionals.


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