Real Estate Expert Sam Flamont Shares Must-Know Tips for New Home Buyers

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Are you looking for a real estate agent or mentor? Well, look no further; Sam Flamont is the real estate mogul you have been looking for. Sam Flamont has a deep understanding of the real estate industry both from an agent and client perspective. He has been in the industry for a couple of years, helping hundreds of clients acquire their new homes, investment properties, and development land. He has excellent communication skills, advocates for his clients, and desires nothing but the best for all concerned.

A former professional baseball player turned real estate broker, Sam is one of top agents in the Northern Michigan Area. Sam runs a team called The Mitten Group and they are Brokered by eXp Realty.  There are 10 agents in total and the concept is on full display at all times in the office.

Sam follows a unique approach to work and prefers working with a team as it brings the fun and enthusiasm to keep working. He draws a lot of satisfaction in seeing everyone succeed and realize their goals, which distinguishes him from other realtors. With such a mindset and spirit, Sam shares the following tips for all new home buyers.

  • Identify and understand your finances

Owning a home comes with a financial cost that you need to get right from the start. Establish an estimated budget taking into consideration your financial situation.  Sam recommends Leverage as long as you can afford it.  Why spend all your money on one asset when you can own a home with as little as 0% down.  But even if you only put 3% or 5% down, as long as you can afford that payment, you will have left over cash to invest and grow in other assets and asset classes

  • Location is Everything

It’s always about the location in real estate. Most of the other factors, such as price will depend on the property’s location. Consider this; you can change everything about the house except the location. Let your lifestyle guide you when deciding on the location to settle. Sam points out accessibility, security, social amenities, neighborhood, etc., as some of the factors to consider but all these are up to the individual and what they want from a home.  So make a list of the top 10 things you need in a home in order to hone in your search.

  • Take your time to search for the right property.

Owning a home should never be an impulse buying thing. Take your time to research the available homes within your desired location. Always have a home inspection, which comes after you are under contract.  Make sure everything checks out, so the home is safe and you will be happy there for a long time.

  • Buyers broker services 

You may have only witnessed agents represent the seller’s interests and probably not been aware of a buyer’s broker. Well, they do exist, and as is the case with the sellers, the buyer’s broker will represent your desires and needs. They should help you locate your ideal property that meets with your set budget and terms. Ideally, a buyer’s broker is there to shield you from the hassles of buying a home; remember, it’s your home, and therefore you need some professional guidance to help you buy the right one.

  • Making an offer

Know that you have the chance to bargain before making an offer. A good deal should leave both the seller and buyer satisfied. You can also rely on an agent to help you bargain if they are trustworthy. The key is to ensure you stick to your budget.  Although market conditions may change, staying inside your desired budget never should.  Even if the bank approves you for more than you want to spend, it doesn’t mean you have to spend that much.  Be smart.

Mike Spiegel from Key Realty advocates that if you are looking for a real estate agent or mentor in the real estate field, Sam Flamont is your guy. Sam understands the market in and out, is a great communicator, advocates for his clients, and has the will and desire to be the BEST. Some of the best advice I have been given by Sam is to BE YOUand you can only prepare so much. You need to act and do. Youre never going to know everything. Learn from your mistakes and continue to be better and do better. Thank you Samuel, you are a true mentor! I couldnt have done this without you. #Hustle til it Happens”.

Sam advises anyone dreaming of owning a home to conduct proper research. You can also get an agent to help you navigate the real estate market. What’s important is to get what you are looking for that suits your needs.


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