The Success Story of Quarantine Artists Platform – QAP

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The QAP group is the biggest and rapidly growing non-profit platform for the talented people of every age who want to show case their talent to the world.  When the Pandemic started in 2020, everyone was losing hope from almost everything and the ongoing situation made everyone so much depressed. At that time, QAP was a light of hope for a lot of people who wanted to express their abstract feelings through the art. Even I was one of those people as well.

The person behind this idea was our very own Kashan Hussain Jamali who thought about not letting people surrender the artist within them but to make their depressions, sorrows, anxiety and other feelings, the ART. The QAP is a platform, where everyone is appreciated & motivated with the overwhelming love of the fellow artists without judging from the very start. People who were always shy & full of fear, used to hesitate to perform or to display their art, became confident and started sharing their talent in a group of thousands of artists. It made a lot of other artists to come forward and join the community of artists.    

We witness a new success story every other day. Our TV channels are inviting the artists, big names are appreciating the art and the world is praising the work of QAP Artists. When people admire the work of those artists who started their journey from QAP, we consider them as our achievements. And these are the proofs that how much QAP is contributing & helping the people to grow in their field whether it is music, painting, sketching, dance or any other kind of art. The aim of QAP is to change the culture and bring revolution within the music industry, where new artists will be supported and encouraged by the senior artists. If all the senior Artists start promoting new talent, it will make the art of our country grow more and more. The fushion of the senior and young artists will be something else. We cannot even imagine what kind of masterpieces we have on our motherland.   

The future is very bright for those artists in our country who are underground, struggling very hard and a lot of people don’t even know about their hidden talent.  We are going to launch a musical season for those deserving artists who are trying their best but they do not get recognized. It will be a great opportunity for them. We are a team of 70 – 100 artists, who work day and night to keep the QAP updated, to ensure the quality posts in the group, to bring competitions & promotions for our very talented artists to make them think out of the box. We always try to support each and every artist because everyone is precious to us equally. We give all these services & our time to this group and to the artists in the group without even charging a single penny. As our aim is just to promote and encourage the talent of Pakistan to make our country proud of. Art is the only thing that made us a family of more than 72k artists of different cultures, ethnicity and countries even, because art has no language. Art connects hearts. That is why it is not necessary for everyone to have the same language. 

If you are looking for a platform where you can express yourself through your art then QAP is the right place for you. Just join Quarantine Artists Platform group on facebook and start your new and exciting journey with us.


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