Positive Influence: YouTubers Ahmad Atieh and Mustafa Hussain Give Back for COVID-19

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Among the devastating consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic is the food crisis of an unprecedented nature that has threatened several regions of the globe, unfortunately including the USA too.

According to a report by the World Economic Forum, COVID-19 is accelerating global hunger in two ways. One, due to government-imposed lockdowns, poor and unemployed families are running out of money to buy food, even where it is still available. Two, the virus has also severely disrupted the global trade in food, causing food scarcity.

Now more than ever, we are challenged by the need to stand united and help each other in the face of calamity. How, and whether at all, the government makes a difference in this situation, especially in America, is a topic for a different discussion altogether. What we do know is this: each one of us can be the difference.

However, this is easier said than done. Not all of us can think beyond ourselves to go out there and show compassion to those who cannot fend for themselves. And anyone who does so, is indeed a hero in their own regard.

Ahmad Atieh and Mustafa Hussain are two such heroes who through their YouTube channel are leading today’s youth by example by donating considerable amounts of food and water for free to the homeless in the streets of America. You can watch their video, the latest in a long line of charitable work done by the duo, here.

Ahmad Atieh, while talking about the video, says, “It is very important that we all try to give back to the community now. We also wanted to spread the message of Islam (dawah) while doing it. Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, teaches us that the best aspect of Islam is feeding others and greeting those you know and those you do not know. Mustafa and I just wanted to help as many people as possible while also socially distancing and staying safe, which is what we did in the video.”

Titled ‘Muslim Helping Homeless During The Coronavirus Pandemic’, the video showcases the duo preparing and giving away sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, snacks and water to throngs of thankful people in various areas of New York City.

As with all videos by the two Muslim Americans, this too went viral within a short time of appearing on YouTube. The comment section can be seen filled with positive messages and appreciation for them – some having been inspired to do good themselves.

Ahmad and Mustafa show us all that it does not matter how much or how little you can do something for someone else; what is necessary is that you do it. Additionally, their growing impact on the American public is also helping break down negative stereotypes towards Muslims both in the US as well as worldwide.

Great job, guys!


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