Polyp Removed From Biden’s Colon Was Benign, Potentially Pre-Cancerous

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President Joe Biden had a potentially pre-cancerous benign polyp removed from his colon during a colonoscopy, the president’s doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, revealed in a memo. Dr. O’Connor also clarified that there was no cause for any further action in the case. 

On Wednesday, 24th November, the memo revealed that Biden underwent a colonoscopy under anesthesia at the Walter Reed Medical Centre last week. As per protocol, the US President had temporarily transferred power to Vice President Kamala Harris. 

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had announced the brief transfer of power. “As was the case when President George W Bush had the same procedure in 2002 and 2007, and following the process set out in the Constitution, President Biden will transfer power to the Vice President for a brief time when he is under anesthesia,” she said before the procedure. 

During the routine check-up, which the medical fraternity advises every 7 to 10 years, doctors discovered a 3-millimeter slow-growing polyp that was promptly removed. A similar polyp had been found in Biden’s colon back in 2008. 

Known as a tubular adenoma, the specimen found in the colon of the US president is a small clump of cells found along the lining of the colon. While most such polyps turn out to be harmless, they do have the potential to develop into cancerous lesions over time. 

Biden, who turned 79 last week, has lately been in the news yet again over health concerns. When a survey conducted by Politico and Morning Consult asked voters whether they agreed that President Biden was in good health, 50% of voters disagreed with the statement. Only 40% agreed that the Democrat leader was in good health. The remaining 10% declined to comment. 

When the same voters were asked what they thought of the president’s mental fitness in the poll, 48% disagreed that he was mentally fit, while 46% agreed. Although the margin in this poll was only 2%, it points out the disturbing fact that only last October, the same margin was 21% in favor of Biden being mentally fit. 

Despite rumors of ill health and growing concerns from certain quarters on whether he will be able to last the term, let alone fight for a second stint in the Oval Office, Dr. O’Connor declared that President Biden was fit to continue his time at the White House. 


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