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Peter Tri Believes That Nothing Comes In Life For Free

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Peter Tri is the founder and CEO of 8 Food, an Australian condiment company, that manages and sells their own manufactured products. Tri’s brand supplies over 6,000 stores nationally with global giant customers, such as COSTCO. With over $35M and an annual increase of 25% in growth, 8 Food continues to succeed in the sauce market.

But 8 Food didn’t start out as one of Australia’s top 10 condiment manufacturing companies. It all began with a dream and a run-down chicken grill bar, says Tri.

Tri says he dreamed of becoming a boss and entrepreneur since his childhood, but it was in high school he realized the system he was in wasn’t designed for him. Tri says he felt the school system was creating employees and mindless workers who weren’t allowed to think for themselves.

“The sad truth is that predefined processes create predefined people. When I realized that, I also realized that the system we live in exists only to create employees, not bosses,” he says. “That’s when I said that school is not for me, and I left it. I wanted to dive deep, get my hands dirty, to find how to conquer life.”

So, Peter Tri dropped out of school at 16, and, as he explains, made one of the best decisions of his life. 5 years later, he purchased a run-down chicken grill bar, transformed it into a successful business, and opened five more stores. But, that was just the beginning of Tri’s journey to becoming a household name and earning the title of Mayo Mogul.

In 2007, Tri decided it was time to switch things up a bit. He walked away from selling food and invested over $3M in infrastructure to produce condiments. Fourteen years later, he says 8 Food is racking huge profits and continues to grow.

When it comes to the secret of his success, Tri says the greatest contributors are the values his parents instilled in him. He says both his parents worked hard every day, which he believes is the most important thing he learned from them.

“Nothing comes in life for free, and nobody will give handouts. My motto and my belief is ‘If you didn’t work for it, it’s not worth having,’ and that’s what gives me motivation to always face any obstacle and hardship head-on. It’s so satisfying every time I succeed.” says Tri.

Tri also says the biggest asset any entrepreneur can have is their mindset because “it is the deciding factor if you’ll make it or break it.”

For more entrepreneurial advice, follow Peter Tri on Instagram, where he shares tips and motivational content, hoping to inspire people to succeed by doing what they love the most.

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