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Parker Egerton emphasizes the importance of leveraging social media to boost business growth.

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The global pandemic has forced people to stay home which has put a dent on the fitness side of things. All over the world, stories of depression due to inactivity are being circulated. Taking care of the self is becoming a tedious job that not all are able to do. Fortunately, we have online coaching options available for those of us who wish to work on our bodies even in these trying times. Fitness coaches like Parker Egerton have gone digital in their effort to provide solutions to their clients’ health and fitness needs. Parker is renowned in the fitness community today for the digitalization of his business and the ability to grow his fitness empire online.

Parker built his brand within the last decade, the last step of which was to become the founder and CEO of his brand called Parker Physique. Almost exclusively online, Parker is able to reach out through his brand to thousands of people and provide fitness solutions to them in the relative comfort of their homes. “This was particularly helpful during the lockdown. While most gym places were locked out due to restrictions, I maintained contact with my clients online. With constant connection, I was able to help them stay focused during this difficult time in their life,” said Parker.

Before going digital and hitting it out on his own, Parker used to work as a personal trainer at a famous gym. He was instrumental in shaping the lives of many of his clients. He gained enough of their trust to strike out on his own. “Eventually, if you are good at your job and dedicated yet underpaid, you realize that you can do these things yourself and earn even more. All I needed was a business model, and I was set. I already had my clients’ trust,” said Parker. That was it. He took to freelancing, eventually setting up his social media accounts to reach out and increase his client list. 

Today, he is one of the most sought-after online trainers globally and has helped over 8,000 customers get the fitness they desired. Hard work, focus, and dedication are all it took for Parker Egerton to achieve his dreams.

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