Nidhi Pancholi : A Fashion Blogger, Influencer, Social Activist, Model & Artist from Jaipur

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Nidhi Pancholi, a hardcore Kanha Devotee is a Fashion Blogger, Influencer, Social Activist, Model and Artist from Jaipur

Fashion is all about create your own Style. Fashion is her passion. Nidhi Pancholi, always wants to explore new things whether its a place, style, clothes, food, travelling or people. While having a conversation with “AUYK Blogs” she said “I feel good when I try or explore fashion in my own style & thats why I love to share it with everyone. I am a fashion blogger and Style Influencer I have an Instagram page nids19 where I do experiments for myself first in clothes, styles, accessories, footwear with keep it crisp, simple yet elegant” Nidhi Pancholi tried to make best out of waste.

She always inform everyone about affordable and luxurious brands also try to add value to her followers as much as she could.According to her its not brands which helps you look the best. Its all about how much you are comfortable and gracious in your outfit. Nidhi Pancholi always make sure people who Follows her never get disappoint. She is a fitness freak as well who always believe to spread vibes to everyone to be fit and healthy as this is mandate to do anything in life you will have to be fit. So she always says eat good & sweat out. Nidhi Pancholi want to inspire youth and specially women to make them believe that life is never ends after marriage, having kids or certain age like 30’s.

It’s equally important to be fit like you eat, breath or having a family.Nidhi Pancholi is a social activist too and always believed that by helping people, by knowing them it makes you humble and grounded which is very important to live a good life and to be better version of yourself. Nidhi Pancholi is associated with Robin Hood Army, Netreheen, Kusht Rog sansthan, Jaipur Foot, Earth Saviour, Help Age India etc.

She tried to spread awareness for our environment too as we have only one earth and its our duty to take care of her as she is taking care of us since ages. For that She(Nidhi Pancholi) prepared one short video to Appeal BAN on using Plastic where she is urging & requesting people to avoid using Plastic.For her social service, She got several appreciation awards as well from Jaipur Foot.Her name is also in Indian Book of Records with 24 other volunteers for prepared biggest Tricolour Thal having a diameter of 42 inches Orange colour was given with Tomatoes & Green was made with Spinach and was distributed to slum kids. She has also done several beauty pageants like Star Life Miss India in 2017 where she was the semifinalist. Nidhi Pancholi, was in top 10 Miss Diva Rajasthan in 2019 and got featured in Newspaper as well.

She was the finalist in Mr. & Miss North India Glamour 2019 that was judged by Mr. Karan Kundra, Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary. She got a recognition from a big brand H&M for her fashion, content and style.Nidhi Pancholi, do’es live shows & theatres too. She has done one short documentary as well which was based on Road Accident titled ‘’Who will Help’’ And have several collaborations with beauty products, hair styling, Fitness Workout Outfits etc. Right now she is on few projects as well and working on her own. Soon people will get to see


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