Need perfect products for your curly hair? Then Bounce Curl is your solution!

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People with curly hair know the struggle in trying to figure out how to properly style their hair. There are several products for curly hair but very few give satisfying results. One such brand which is specifically catering to satisfy all your hair care needs is Bounce Curl.

The Founder, CEO, and Cosmetic Formulator of Bounce Curl Merian, Odesho struggled with her curly hair all her life. “I became frustrated with all the unsuccessful results from the harsh products I was using, so I decided to do something about it! After spending 3-4 hours a day in chemistry labs mixing acids, balancing acid/base equations, analyzing bacteria in microbiology, and reading IR spectrums – I created Bounce Curl. At that time, I was also creating beauty products for other companies in the haircare industry.” Their best product to date has been the Bounce Curl Light Hold Gel which is perfect for daily use yet gives a beautiful finish to your look.

Bounce Curl is a verified brand with Think Dirty. If you are wondering what is Think Dirty then let me walk you through it. Think Dirty is an app that allows users to learn about potential hazards of product ingredients, indicating those with known carcinogens (cancer-causing agents), hormone disruptors & allergens. It will rate products 1-10. A rating of 0-3 indicates a product is very green & clean and ALL Bounce Curl products earn a 0-3 rating. The Bounce Curl Clump & Define Cream won an award in the most recent Dirty Thinkers’ Choice Awards (2020) for Best Curl Product (with a rating of “1”) and the Bounce Curl Light Hold Gel won an award in the Best Styling Products category (with a rating of “1”). 

Bounce Curl always stays current with the latest and best ingredients that follow green chemistry principles if they perform well in their formulas. The process of reformulation is quite difficult and can be really expensive which is why many companies do not do this. Bounce Curl has already reformulated several products, switching to better preservatives in 2020. Bounce Curl always looks forward to creating products which suits their customers the best, as Merian believes everyone deserves the opportunity to look and feel their best.

To know more about Merian Odesho and her brand Bounce Curl, check out their social media handle (link down below)

Website: www.BounceCurl.com

Facebook: facebook.com/bouncecurlproducts

Instagram: @bouncecurl (Merian: @herbalmmo)

Twitter: @BounceCurl

Pinterest: @bouncecurl

Youtube: youtube.com/c/BounceCurl

Think Dirty App: www.ThinkDirty.com

PETA: https://crueltyfree.peta.org/company/bounce-curl/


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