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My Older Brothers Have Been the Most Influential Figures in My Life – Jackson Lintz

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Mark Zuckerberg had Bill Gates. Steve Jobs had Edwin Land. Jackson Lintz, the youngest of the Lintz siblings to join the executive team of HighKey, has his two older brothers as his greatest entrepreneurial influences.

Before joining his brothers in managing HighKey Enterprises, Jackson was like any other teenager who spent most of their time hunkered in front of the computer. He’d rush home from school to play video games without any care in the world. That was until Luke, his second oldest brother, called him out on one occasion and discouraged him from spending all his spare time on unproductive tasks like playing games.

Young as he was, Jackson finished his game without heeding his brother’s well-meaning advice. That very same night, though, his brother’s speech about wasting time replayed in his head over and over. One week later, he stopped rushing home from school to play his video games and instead spent his after-school hours learning how to code. Ironically enough, he enjoyed programming so much that it felt like gameplay to him. 

Soon enough, both Luke and Jordan saw the unmatched potential in young Jackson and made him a partner of Highkey Enterprises. There, Jackson Lintz was able to apply everything he self-studied about programming in taking the family business to the next level. 

Jackson is the Chief Operations Officer at HighKey. He’s also the website manager for HighKey Agency, the company responsible for offering full-service press and branding management for their clients on social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Youtube. The third Lintz brother to join the business may have made his mark by ramping up the team’s technical offerings, but he still likes to credit much of his success to his brothers, who inspired him to be the entrepreneur he is today.

Jackson truly appreciates his brothers’ teaching style because they never spoon-fed him anything.

“When I first started working for HighKey, I bothered Luke and Jordan so much about questions that Google could’ve easily answered, and they got mad at me for wasting their time,” says Jackson. “I quickly learned how to be resourceful and fix my own problems.”

The wealth of business experience possessed by his brothers allowed Jackson to learn and refine his entrepreneurial skills. More than any other motivational book or practical training course, Jackson believes his brothers’ successes inspire him every day as he builds trust with clients and helps them with their branding and press needs.
For everyone struggling with finding the motivation to apply themselves to be better at what they do, Jackson Lintz has one piece of advice: Find the Gates to your Zuckerberg, the Land to your Jobs, and the Luke and Jordan to your Jackson.

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