Musician Christian LaNeve is The Next Big Thing in The Music Industry

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Christian LaNeve is an upcoming American musician that was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His love for music is immeasurable. 

Christian LaNeve stands out in that he has been through a lot of hardship, and music is what helped him through it. Growing up, Christian was always looked down on and had trouble fitting in because he wanted to be different and true to himself. This caused him to struggle with anxiety and depression at a young age, which he has now learned to overcome and manage during his day-to-day life.

Today, Christian is on a road to greatness in his musical career. One of his most notable achievements thus far is a prize for a music review contest directed by “Tay Kelley” which he won and was named best artist. He has produced several hit singles, Eps, and albums which leaves his audience craving for more. Christian has cultivated a huge following and millions of views across his social media platforms. Three of his tracks include collaborations with well-known Utah artists.

The biggest challenge Christian LaNeve has faced was hurting the people closest to him, his friends and family. He had started to go down the wrong path and was taken away to boarding school to work on his disciplinary action. While this was a very testing time for him, he overcame it by realizing how much his family cares about him by trying to help him get back to a healthy and positive way of living.

“The law of attention is the real meaning; you get what you give in this world, so always do the right thing because the universe will reward you,” declares Christian. The upcoming musician’s aspirations include achieving a solid fan base large enough to eventually go on tour. 

Christian plans to release new music this year and envisions himself being a platinum artist touring around the world. Make sure to stay up to date with Christian’s venture into the music world. You won’t want to miss it!


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