Refusing to Quit Even with Repeated Failures is Crucial for Long-Term Success, Says Mike Sancho

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As all seasoned and successful boxers know, in the fight game, it’s not about how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep going. As Rocky Balboa once famously pointed out, “That’s how winning is done!” In the boxing ring, as in life, the same rules apply. When you’re on the ropes, soaking up the punishment, and counting down the seconds to the bell, if you can just hang in there, you can go again in the next round or the next fight. The important thing, as entrepreneur Mike Sancho knows all too well, is to never give up, no matter what happens, because in his own words, “Quitting isn’t an option!”

As someone who came up the hard way, Mike Sancho knows all about repeated failure and how it can wear a person down. He says, “I was in and out of trouble growing up. I got kicked out of various schools and was constantly getting arrested. Repeated failure defined me as a person. I reached a point where I said ‘enough is enough!’ I needed to turn my life around. I knew a lot of people in my life didn’t think I could do it, because up until that point, I had given them no reason to put any faith in me. But here’s the thing: being at rock bottom sharpened my hunger for success. It strengthened my resolve and also made me bulletproof to future failure. Once I made up my mind I was going places, I felt pretty invincible.”

It wasn’t easy, but after a few false starts and accumulating nearly 100k in debt, Mike Sancho made his name and fortune in network marketing. Today, this founder of Wealth Accelerators is a millionaire and still only 28 years old. If you ask him the secret of his success, he’ll simply tell you, “No retreat, no surrender, no matter how bleak or dire the circumstances. Never be afraid to fail. Failure is a fact of life. It’s how you handle that failure which counts. You can either let it consume and govern you, or you can take it and turn it into the stuff dreams are made out of.”


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