Meet Zakareth: The Brains behind the Most Traded Pixel Art Collection, Satoshi Runners

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NFTs have continued to make headlines mainly due to their numerous benefits, scarcity, and uniqueness, which has led to so many people investing in them. This has equally led to the creation of many more NFT projects with different industries, such as fashion, gaming, sports, and art, jumping on the bandwagon and making the NFT marketplace extremely competitive. But this hasn’t stopped Zakareth and his team from making their mark in the NFT space. within 24 hours of its release, their NFT project, Satoshi Runners, was one of the most traded NFT collections on OpenSea.  

This has helped Zakareth cement his spot in the art world and the NFT marketplace, changing the game in pixel art. Zakareth is bringing back the 90’s arcade games such as Konami’s X-Men and Capcom’s Street Fighter II, pairing them with a moderate cyberpunk feel, making Satoshi Runners unique.

He says their main goal is to redefine pixel art through unparalleled artwork, unique utility, and a vibrant community helping their holders easily trade their NFTs in The $SATOSHI Marketplace. Having been in the crypto and NFT space for quite some time, Zakareth is leveraging his vast knowledge and network to ensure this is met.

The team’s diversity is also helping Satoshi Runners stand out. The NFT project has world-class artists and animation studios with experience serving the likes of Disney, Minecraft, NFL, and UFC, to name a few. This is assisting Zakareth and his team in designing unique pieces that can maintain a high value and have the option of reselling on OpenSea.

Satoshi Runners is a collection of 7777 distinctive NFTs and ten legendary figures known as The Hackers,” Zakareth says. “Of these ten, seven hackers will be available to mint on release, while the other three will be held in the Satoshi Runners community wallet for auction.”

He explains that this will help them provide unique utilities or mechanics to build a strong community and provide their audience with educational resources to support other developers and collectors. Zakareth and his team are redefining the value and benefits of pixel art, expanding what it means to own one while using their journey to inspire others.

In any business, there are various challenges, says Zakareth, but that shouldn’t weigh you down. Instead, it should motivate you to work harder. He notes that rather than focusing so much on the failures, the best thing is to look for ways you can get back up, using the lessons learned to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

When Zakareth and his team first launched Satoshi Runners and were beginning to build their Discord channel, they were hacked, and a huge sum of money was stolen from their community. However, they did not give up. Zakareth was able to regain control, and they refunded all that had been stolen back to the holders.

As Zakareth continues to redefine the art space, he is helping others in the industry and encouraging young entrepreneurs not to give up on their dreams. He says that his dream is to grow Satoshi Runners into the best pixel art project the NFT space has seen, completely changing the game.


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