Meet Umair Zaheer Chief Manager of Free Style Esports Pakistan

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Meet Umair Zaheer Chief Manager of Free Style Esports Pakistan. His motto is to introduce new companies to Pakistan. He is an experienced E-Sport player. His journey in E-sports spans over 9 years. Where he represented Pakistan and was a Top player from Pakistan. E-sports in Pakistan can be extremely valuable for our society as it showcases positive image of our beloved Homeland also can help grow economy. Mr. Umair is working alongside various organizations with the end goal that they will put resources into Pakistan E-Sports and can make E-Sport as a Proper Profession for Pakistani Players. As a Chief Manager he represented Free Style and worked for brand sponsorship with Red Bull Pakistan.

Mr. Umair also worked as PR Manager and Marketing Officer for Rex Media in which he handled different tasks with his administration skills. He additionally worked in Stellrs Media where he was delegated as a Project Manager and numerous accomplishment were acquired under his administration he guaranteed with his abilities that he is fit for overseeing diverse undertaking at this age and alongside his examinations. Where Umair Zaheer is just 21 years old. He worked with youngest space scientist Ameer Moavia within stellrs Media on Software advancement and IT projects.

He also had an experience in real estatewhere he worked as a real estate consultant and worked with various development organizations.

Umair Zaheer’s ideal is Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah whoseMotto is to;

“Work, work and work and we are bound to success “

That is the reason Umair Zaheer is anxious to discover more freedoms to deal with and consistently is available to gain some new useful knowledge. Umair Zaheer’s new undertaking is to bring openings for Pakistani Gamers by presenting various brands for sponsorship inside Pakistan. Also, to make gaming gainful for players, who devoted their time and abilities to gaming. His perspective about Esports is that it very well may be better through the help of higher specialists it can likewise assist Pakistan with building great picture universally through gaming.

What is Umair Zaheer’s Goal for Esports?

Umair Zaheer is thinking to acquire the various opportunities for gamers inside the Pakistan through working with different brand sponsors and create a healthy gaming environment within Pakistan so that players can be known in their particular game and to make a living out of it.

On which place did Umair Zaheer see the Esports of Pakistan after 5 years?

We can boost the Esports of Pakistan in 5 years I think 5 years of span is pretty much time to work. If we can get different sponsors and opportunities within Pakistan. Likewise other big countries with huge number of gaming market Pakistan can also step up in that ranking looking at china with having estimated 40.85 Billion U.S Dollars.

We should dream big and start working from a scratch if not top at least we can make something and something is always better than nothing.

How can good players be part of this Esports Community?

We have huge amount of players within Pakistan whom are playing on low end PCs or Devices but they skills are flabbergasted. If we can get sponsors and different opportunities and provide our skilled players with devices and polish them. Pakistani gamers can give hard times to all gamers around the world. We will start the organizing tournaments for different games in which different players and teams will participate and we will be able to find pros from                                      different cities of Pakistan.

Is this field profit able according to Umair Zaheer?

Yes, this field very much profitable as we can see other countries in which there is a sound environment for gaming like China, Korea, U.S.A and many more they are making money in Billion U.S Dollars.

Also, apart from being profitable the image that is being portrayed about Pakistan it can be changed when different sponsors will support our gamers and open their establishment and branches within Pakistan. That way world will be able to see the real face of Pakistan how peace full country and hospitality there is in Pakistan. 

Umair Zaheer (Chief Manager Freestyle sports) Meets Ameer Moavia (Youngest Pakistani Space Scientist)

In the Meeting February 7, 2021

The Youngest Space Scientist working as a Chief Operations Officer and Umair Zaheer Chief Manager discussed about the gaming circumstance in Pakistan. They imparted their valuable plans to one another and furthermore they discussed the advancement of Esports in Pakistan, How would they be able to acquire openings for gamers Pakistan. They had a meeting in Islamabad Sofa Gold Mall along with Arslan Nasir who is Sha Posh Marketing Officer and Leader of Free Style Team fsBLACK (Haseeb Nasir) they all together discussed about the future of gaming in Pakistan. This mission is difficult but not feasible with hard work and potential we can get diverse large freedoms Pakistan.


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