Meet Tessabella Jelton: Real Estate Investor Who Earned More Then $23 Million In Real Estate Sales Through Digital Marketing

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Tessabella Jelton is widely acclaimed as a marketing strategist, real estate coach, and digital marketing educator. As a kid she discovered a few things about herself early on: she was highly competitive, she never felt like she fit in, and she had a God given gift to seek opportunities far beyond the bounds of even her own imagination. Tessabella had dreams of building a life far better than anything she had ever known.

As a female entrepreneur, Tessabella has faced bouts of doubt, discouragement, and disqualification. She’s suffered an unlimited number of challenges, both personally and professionally. But she believes the biggest challenge any young entrepreneur will face is the war waging in your mind. There’s a version of yourself that will battle imposter syndrome, sneaking in to ask, “do you really want this as bad as you say you do?”

Recognizing how much she has overcome, Tessabella is proud of how much she has accomplished. She’s been tenacious, solution oriented, and absolutely unshakable. 

She started investing in real estate straight out of high school with nothing but passion and a laptop. With no money to her name, she learned the ins and outs of real estate, how to raise capital, and how to acquire properties. When she was 19, Tessabella had achieved a remarkable milestone when she managed to flip 25 houses.

She also discovered what may be one of her strongest skills: branding and marketing. As she documented her journey on social media, she quickly built a name for herself remodeling and restoring historic houses in the valley.

Tessabella has created a unique approach to building, scaling, and branding real estate companies. Her brand grew into a residential real estate team, which formed an exciting partnership with the Phoenix Suns. Through hard work and relentless passion, she has opened doors to work with some of the largest names in the industry and commercially recognized brands. She’s had the pleasure of working with TV celebrities and influencers from hit shows on HGTV, Bravo, Netflix, and much more.

Through years of trial and error, she’s built entire marketing suites and lead generation funnels, all because she cracked the code, sending her on a massive growth trajectory. Now, her passion for real estate has also turned into a passion for helping others in the industry. She’s a Nationally Recognized Real Estate Coach, featured at national speaking engagements such as Inman, Hyperfast Agent, LabCoat Agents. Tessabella helps real estate professionals around the world with her signature success 4S Formula.

In her free time, Tessabella loves to be creative, free, and playful. She unplugs in Sedona whenever she can, and enjoys nice dinners with friends to detach from the bustle of work. You can follow Tellabella on Instagram @tessaabellaa.


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