Meet Spume: the Marketplace for Change in Blockchain

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Blockchain technology continues to disrupt various industries, with decentralized assets like NFTs that have taken the art world by storm. Since they shot into the spotlight, NFTs have become a trending topic as many people realize their potential. From the music industry to gaming, NFTs are changing the world, which has seen more and more people invest in this novel technology.

However, as it is still a new development, the NFT marketplace is largely unregulated, exposing investors and creators to various challenges. For instance, there have been several issues of duplications and stealing, especially with so many intermediaries. According to the founder and CEO of Spume, this was one of the reasons that drove them to start this project, which is now changing the entrepreneurial space.

They wanted to build a holder-owned NFT marketplace that will ensure no one can take control of a holder’s token without the user’s express permission, which will help create more trust in the NFT industry. Spume’s one-of-a-kind system is changing the NFT space, giving power back to creators.

It is the blockchain’s first decentralized, autonomous, and non-fungible token market dedicated to ensuring that the NFT creators are rewarded for their time, energy, and effort. Spume is doing away with intermediaries in the crypto and NFT industries who prey on individuals during trading, allowing users to navigate the NFT space more easily.

The team explains that their aim is to make everything, from artwork to real estate, tokenizable and tradable on the Spume’s marketplace. This will help the project developers and even investors grow their ventures as all revenue generated from their marketplace will be given back to Spume token holders.

Spume’s involvement in the tech space gives the company an upper hand, allowing the team to perfectly fuse social proof and Web 3.0 assets. Spume is building a social NFT marketplace that changes how traditional businesses transact and build a solid online community of NFT lovers. Spume is giving its members an opportunity to be part of their journey by taking part in decision making among other activities.

This has helped Spume cement its spot in such a short period, gaining over 11K followers on Twitter and 2K+ on their Discord. Spume’s mind-blowing project has also been covered in several publications, including NY Weekly, Market Daily, and Coin Week, to name a few.

As their marketplace continues to grow, Spume is changing the NFT space. They are pioneering real-world utility in several industries, helping creators gain exposure. As stated by the team of experts behind Spume, their goal is to bring transparency to the sector, removing intermediaries. In doing so, Spume is giving power back to the people and supporting and guiding everyone to find their purpose.

“Everyone is a creator; it’s about giving them the tools they need to succeed. As the adoption of blockchain skyrockets and various industries are jumping on the bandwagon, our brand intends to help everyone find their way. We want to build a strong community that assists creators in monetizing their passions while bringing positive change to the NFT space,” says the CEO of Spume. When asked about the future, Spume aims to be a top brand in the NFT marketplace and other industries.

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