Meet Shiva Ujinwall, a multi-talented Haryanvi Singer Lyricist Composed

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Shiva Ujinwall is one of the Haryanvi industry Music artist and also a young Digital Influencer. Shiva Ujinwall is a 19-year old boy whose inclination was to become an Online Marketer at his early age.He was born in palwal (Aurngabad), Haryana on 28th Oct 2002 but now his hometown is Aurngabad, Haryana. He passed his 10th standard and senior secondary level from Kl M, High School.Father Name – Rajkumar UjinwallMother name – Munesh ujinwallGF – NoWeight -50kgHeight – 5.4Loction – Aurngabad MitrolShiva Ujinwall wants to lead the way from the front. Conceivably, because of that, he is one of the Singer Lyricist Composed of today’s generation. When other children of this age were confused about what they have to actually do in their life after the completion of college or school, he figured out his passion, dreams and decided to take a stand in this world as one of the Shayar Composed .He is sharp in order to determine his own goals and how to accomplish them in a sufficient manner. His distinctive character makes him a youthful Digital Influencer. Now, we can see Shiva Ujinwall has attained his position on the social media platform as a role model for others too.He is famous on Instagram with 50K followers and has a reach of 1 lakh on Facebook. Shiva Ujinwallis a prominent Dancer too and we can catch a glimpse of his Instagram account where he showcases his dancing shayar skills.He always keeps his followers updated about his life. He is a remarkable man with a great personality. He always gives value to others. His belief is that the most important thing in Haryanvi industry is Content because it is the only thing that helps us to connect and we can spot that his content will always remain astonishing. His hard work, his ability to do, his passion, his sensational content make him one of the youngest and successful next Level singing.


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