Meet Fahad Sharif: 22 Year Old Pakistani Entrepreneur Makes 7 Figures Online

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Young Entrepreneur born and raised in Pakistan, is making 7-Figures a month online!

This young Pakistani student has created chaos on the Internet, almost everybody wants to know how he reached the position he is currently at and what would they have to do to achieve a similar level of success? But one thing should be a note, jokes apart, nothing ever comes easy. There are always immense efforts and sleepless nights behind the curtains that make any success story possible.

The thing that matters is only that the world doesn’t see the entire cycle it took him to arrive at where he is presently, they just got some answers concerning him after he made this progress. Consequently, this is the motivation behind why everybody is simply losing their psyches over how could he gone to the top so rapidly without taking any kind of action clear? Here are some of your inquiries replied and ideally this will clear up any disarray that you may have about Fahad Sharif and what he does exactly.

Who is Fahad Sharif?

Fahad Sharif (typically known as Faadi) is a 22 year old Serial Entrepreneur brought up and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. He is the founder, director & CEO of UK based Digital Marketing Agency Alecto Media LLC & the premier travelling magazine  named “ Travel Mag Pakistan LTD”. His story is a bit different than the usual millionaires. He has made his way to the top with a lot of hard work. He did not build this empire of fancy super cars and expensive taste overnight.

He was courageous by the difficult situations that he was living in and settled on a choice for himself that proceeded to change his life for eternity. He turned into a solid helper and had faith in himself and his fantasies, which amplified so much that it pushed him forward to at long last have the option to accommodate himself and make a different personality for himself in this barbarous, troublesome world.


What does He do?

Every student who is currently enrolled in a university has a lot of dreams and aspirations that they want to fulfill in their life but due to the huge amount of expenses that come with the choice to study abroad, it becomes very difficult for them to follow their dreams. However, Fahad Sharif did something not everyone thinks about and he was one of the very few people who succeeded in changing their life around for themselves.

Fahad currently consults 40+ foriegn clients based in USA, UK for their business growth, branding & awareness. He has started up multiple startups in different fields to diversify his skillsets & knowledge to gain experience in everything. The skillset Fahad Sharif possesses are Facebook Ads Expertise, Google Ads Expertise, Outsourcing Products / Services, Growing Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Revenue Generating Assets, Creating / Licensing Contents for creators and publishers, PR & Marketing Campaigns for Musicians, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Politicians, Celebrities.

Fahad Sharif’s Business Journey

Fahad Sharif said that “as a business person, I’ve meticulously found the importance of regarding the decent business guidance I’ve gotten from a significant number of the world’s apex business people. The reality: It takes a ton to start a business and create it to benefit. Sufficiently entertaining, the most effective classes have come from my biggest screw-ups however.” 

Mr Fahad Sharif likewise said that “with everything taken into account, in spite of accepting great undertaking counsel and satisfaction hints back throughout my college days, I’ve proceeded to learn all the more around how no longer to begin an endeavor by means of my encounters. In any case, my initial disasters haven’t prevented me from gaining from my blunders and moving on to turn out to be beneficially independently employed.”

There is still no stopping for Fahad Sharif and he has some very productive plans in his mind and with his history known there is no doubt that he will be able to pull it off in near future. He plans on working in big and giving our country one of its very own identity in Digital marketing, this is definitely something many of us are looking forward to.

So guys dream big, you don’t need to be perfect, no one is. Fahad taught us that is all about effort and when that effort happens constantly that’s when transformation begins and that’s how big changes happen. As long as you have that passion in you anything in life is achievable.

Follow him on instagaram : @iFahadSharif & Facebook: @FaadixD





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