Meet Andrew Taylor, a veteran in the life insurance profession:

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Andrew Taylor is the founder of the renowned insurance company Family First Life USA. The 31 years old has not only produced at a high level but has taught and led others to do the same. In 2021, Andrew Taylor and his company FFLUSA will have taught over 500 agents to make $100,000 in gross income with his influence. 

Before starting his career in the insurance industry, Andrew worked as a grocery bagger for a large supermarket. He read a book, Rich Dad Poor Dad that has changed his outlook in life. At that point, Andrew dove into the insurance business to try to change his future. 

Andrew’s company Family First life USA is an independent life insurance agency affiliated with Family First Life. In April of 2021, FFLUSA helped over 3,900 families get protected with life insurance. In the same month, Andrew had over 2,400 agents get paid a combined 16 million dollars’ worth of commissions. FFLUSA is one of the largest insurance agencies in the entire United States.

The reason why they stand out in the industry as the majority of the organization as their agents to talk to their friends and family about insurance; But FFL don’t have to bother their friends and family for business. They have leads. Leads are clients who requested the information for their help. While the rest of the industry pays very low compensation, they pay very high compensation. A lot of companies they work with, have fees for joining, CRM fees, monthly fees nut They also have no fees. 

“We made a name for ourselves by doing right by the agents. When the agents get paid what they are worth and you treat them right, they will stay and tell everyone about how great you are. We practice the golden rule in our company: treat others how you want to be treated.”, says Andrew.

Currently, Andrew is looking forward to helping others to find financial freedom and breaking the generational curse of mediocrity that most people are surrounded with Also, helping people get out of the rat race, and have more time to do the things they love with the people they love. 

Therefore, Andrew Taylor has established himself as one of the top and renowned people in this industry. If you want to know more about Andrew Taylor and Family First Life USA, you can simply check out their social media handles (link down below)

Facebook Business Page (- Andrew Taylor)- https://www.facebook.com/andrewtaylorusa

Facebook Business Page (FFLUSA)- https://www.facebook.com/familyfirstlifeusa

Website- https://www.familyfirstlife.com/

Instagram Profile -https://www.instagram.com/andrew_taylor_3/

Instagram Business Page – https://www.instagram.com/familyfirstlifeusa/

LinkedIn Profile -https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-taylor-ffl-usa/

YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/c/FFLUSA

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