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Alok Kumar, a teenager from Bihar, is a new face in India in digital marketing. He is just 19 years old and did fantastic in the field of digital marketing, Web Development. In a very less time, he attracted 100 million audiences on Facebook. Indeed, Alok has done tremendous work, and his hard work has paid off. He has proved one can achieve all goals.

At his age, people prefer to do Civil Engineering, but he has chosen BCA to be a success in Web Development & digital marketing. The digital marketing sector is booming, and it’s the future, too. Everyone and every organization are moving towards digital marketing to grab success.

Alok Kumar is unique. This 19-year-old was a backbencher during his school days; however, when one of his educators acquainted him with the internet, his life changed. Since youth, Alok’s vision has been clear. In the initial days, he has faced many challenges and issues but eventually became a successful Web Developer. Accordingly, meeting the Internet was a significant advancement in his life.

The journey of Alok Portal “Ytsrex Media &Newsoflix”

At a very young, Alok launches his first Portal “Newsoflix” with his friend Rohit, His portal provides Latest News across world. As a Digital Marketer & Journlist  Alok attracts many readers who intrested in IT News and he provide them unique content out of the box. Alok Kumar is also the Founder of Ytsrex Media which is a web development website. He is also a web developer, Content Manager, Graphic Designer on this site. The moto behind Newsoflix is to provide the latest news which matters in your daily life. He continuously Improves his skill towards the latest Programming languages like Kotline, Ruby, etc. He helps thousands of people article and books related to Programming.

Alok Kumar, a 19-year-old boy who has been earning for the last 2 years, has proved nothing is impossible if someone wants to achieve anything, and youngsters can do anything that will make India proud and generate employment, which will help in the growth of the nation.

Alok as Author (Writer) :

Mr. Alok is an Indian famous author, and artist. He has introduced his first eBook on Amazon with the name of The Basic of VB 6.0: MS Visual Basic Tutorial: By Alok on 13 February 2021 within the English with 77 pages. Basically, this eBook is written on Visual Basic 6.0 computer software. He reviewed all the software specifications and has during a written way with best examples also with demo projects.

Now few days before Alok released his new ebooks POWERPACK HTML: A QUICK GUIDE TO HTML (REFERENCE BOOK) on Amazon, Goodreads, And Amazon Kindle.

Hope we’ll get new interesting books in feature also from Alok which books will make our IT Journey easier. So follow Alok on his social media accounts.


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