Mayank Rajkumar Sambare And Arya Tyagi Presents Cyber Security Handbook, “The Mind Behind The Hoodie”

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Everything You Need To Know About the Mind Working Behind the Hoodie.

This book not only shows you how hacking works on a technical level, but it’s also told from a hacker’s perspective, which is really useful for IT professionals. With so many security breaches and invasions of privacy from large tech companies, this book is a useful guide to how to stay safe online, and why it’s important.

Also, “How To Learn – a Critical Skill for a Hacker” Hacking is a creative process that is based more on lifestyle than chapter. It is much better for you to embrace hacker learning habits, which are probably the most vital part of hacking and will separate you from the script kiddie (a person who runs hacking tools without knowing how or why they work). This workbook is the only one with a thorough explanation of how to research built into it, so be sure to spend as much time as you need to learn how to research using the various resources available to you. Don’t just limit yourself to computers, hacking, and the internet. Great hackers are well rounded and creative. Many of them are lawyers, writers, and designers. Besides being interested in other fields, you should be interested in how other businesses operate. Reading books on everything from psychology to science fiction will make you a much more versatile and functional hacker. Remember, hacking is about figuring out how things work regardless of how they were designed to work. This is how you expose insecurities, vulnerabilities, and leaks. While all of these things together sound like the makings of a best-selling fiction novel, the cyber security industry — and all of the threats and dangers that exist within it — is all too real. That’s one reason why cybersecurity books make for some pretty interesting reading both in terms of academics and entertainment.

About Author : Mayank Rajkumar Sambare

Mayank Rajkumar Sambare is CEO, Director and Founder of CODELANCER INCORPORATION present in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India And Founder of News Publication Agency Named India Ethics Born in the small town Pandhurna, District Chhindwara of Madhya Pradesh. He acquired a higher score in the Certified Ethical Hacking EC Council Global Certification and Cyber Cyber Ethical Hacking And Forensic Investigation.

He is also, Global Tech Speaker who specializes in technical topics. Mayank prefers that people love technology instead of merely studying it. Technology is the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and procedures employed in the creation of goods and services or the achievement of goals. Mayank’s attitude for serving the nation and without Personal Profit Gaining Purpose, Working as a Global Tech Speaker and Cyber Forensic Investigator,and also working with Maharashtra Government and solved many cases.

Get in touch with Mayank :- Instagram , Linkedin , Facebook.

About Co-Author : Arya Tyagi

Arya Tyagi is a 17 years old young Digital Entrepreneur, Cyber Security Researcher, Social Media Marketing Consultant and author of Hack the hackers before they hack you from Meerut, Uttar pradesh.

Arya is already a founder of a News company “Entrepreneur Ethics” which regularly publishing about young Entrepreneurs , Businessman , Lifestyle , and top News Headlines and AT Digital Solutions which provides all social Media Marketing Services and PR services.

He is a national Athletics player, reputed social media marketing Consultant and social media influencer. He gives paid consultancy calls to their clients. At the age of 17 He consult many Actors , Models and even Producers. Apart from Consultant calls he manage PRs of Many Professional people.

Currently , He is doing his internship in cyber security under Gurugram Police.

Get in touch with Arya :- Instagram , Facebook , Linkedin , Twitter.

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