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Marcus Schulz Breaks Down the Relationship between Passion and Freedom

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Passion makes perfect when combined with patience and perseverance. For Germany-based volume trader, entrepreneur, and coach Marcus Schulz, passion lies at the very core of freedom. As a businessman, he values his freedom to think, create, and build and firmly believes it is his passion that grants him that freedom.

“Passion is a driving force. It is what turns mud to bricks, bricks to a wall, a wall to a building, and a building to a home. It’s one of the very fuels that spurred the engine of our progress as we sought to look beyond the edge and scribble onto the unwritten pages of the future,” says Marcus Schulz. He further explains, “When we pursue the flight of our passion, we have less to regret about and lesser to mourn over. There’s, after all, great satisfaction in following the will of one’s heart. And that is how I like to define freedom.”

People are passionate about different things. From beauty to pleasure to commitment to success to overcoming life’s odds, passion comes in all sizes and forms. For Marcus Schulz, passion is a relentless force that pushes the boundaries of our imagination. He says, “Passion pushes us forward. It does not let us stagnate, brood over losses, or celebrate endlessly. It seeks itself in its fulfillment and is the very reason why we desire to explore. These explorations are what show us the true territory of freedom, vast and deep. The freedom that passion begets is well-earned and one where we allow our true selves to flourish.”

Freedom is a state of mind in a state of action. And as per Marcus Schulz, our passion, wherever we might direct it, can bring us closer to that feeling of being alive and revived. In short, it is pursuing your passion that brings you the ultimate freedom.

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