Making people realize they are meant for much by taking them on a divine journey is Amber Valdez.

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As a spiritual coach and business mentor, she helps people own their worth and get paid for their gifts, which can help them lead a purpose-driven and fulfilled life. There are tons of success stories in this world to look up to for gaining more inspiration; however, all those success stories that still go ahead in instilling more hope and positivity are those that are made from the ground up and exude the experiences of the many struggles and challenges an individual faced in his/her journey. Amber Valdez’s journey is one such that has made people believe in the power of their inner light, the power of absolute resolve and the power of their souls mission is worth so much more. Amber Valdez as a spiritual and intuitive coach and business mentor, helps in making people realize their purpose and the importance of walking their path connected to the divine can lead them to ultimate success and impact as they can get paid for their gifts.

Who is Amber Valdez, you ask? She is a changemaker and a one-of-a-kind coach who helps spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches and lightworkers. She worked formerly as an NFL cheerleader and TV personality and transitioned her career into becoming an intuitive spirituality and business coach, who is now a global citizen and serves clients and speaks at events worldwide. Leading one million+ lightworkers to shine their light, unlocking their voice, and activating their soul assignments has become a way of life for her, where she helps her clients get them paid abundantly for their gifts. As a 7-figure earner, Amber Valdez has helped shamans, yogis, healers, spiritual entrepreneurs, and mystics on their divine journeys and has guided them in building their businesses and making a difference in the planet with their gifts. Apart from being known as a sought-after coach worldwide, Amber Valdez is also an Amazon bestseller with her 2016 book “Stickie Affirmations to Live your Purpose.” She also owns an essential oil business where she teaches people to heal themselves with Mother Nature’s medicine.

Amber Valdez’s success comes from her innovative programs, which she has designed based on the exact tools she used to create the life and business she leads. As the creator of The Lightworker Academy membership community, the Lightworker Activation worldwide workshop & Mountain Medicine Retreats and as the co-creator of The Lightworker Immersion in Australia, she has made people realize their worth and their purpose in life. Her programs like Turn “You’re Crazy” Into Your Purpose virtual program, The Lightworker Mastermind, and the “Let your Light Shine Live” live video Bootcamp has made all the positive difference that people sought in their lives and has helped them change their life from a 9-5 rat race to a life, activate their throat chakra, and have the confidence to step into their souls calling, be seen, create impact and be paid abundantly for their gifts. There is a reason why she was recently named one of the Top 60 Spiritual Instagram Influencers most followed in 2021 and one of the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs Healing Communities Thrive During the Covid 19 Recession.

Do visit her website, http://www.ambervaldez.com or follow her on Instagram @iamambervaldez to know more.


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