Looking for the best cosmetic products that give one a flawless look? Check out Rob Sargsyan’s wonderful products:

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One of the top makeup artists in Los Angeles is Rob Sargsyan. This makeup artist has a gifted talent, he is one of the best in the industry because of his skills, unique style and dedication to his work. Mr Rob has worked with many clients like celebrities, socialites, and models. His talent is known internationally because of his skills and influence. FacesbyRob is the name of his website, where he offers his own cosmetic product line-up. Big brands like Sephora and Guess chooses Rob Sargsyan as their makeup artist for advertising campaigns.

Rob’s family noticed his talent early on in life. They have encouraged him and been a constant support for Rob till now. They even changed their guest room into a makeup studio for Rob. Rob practised the proper application of products and the use of different brushes and little by little, mastered the art. Through his hard work, he has earned so much name in less time.

After officially starting work as a professional, Rob began working on different projects. He got interested in wedding makeup as well. Currently, he is running Los Angeles’ wedding makeup industry and is trusted and recommended by his clients.  One of Rob’s achievements is that he has been recognized in multiple wedding magazines due to his great make-up talent.

Rob’s make-up technique is known as the Rob-Glow look which is basically based on highlighting natural beauty. After the touch of his magic, his client looks fresh, flawless and they have a natural glow. In no time, The Rob-Glow look became popular. Rob created a palette named The RobGlow Book. This palette has all the essentials that one needs to develop a Rob-Glow look at home.

 The set consists of five products:

1. Bronzer, highlighter

2. Blush

3. Lipliner

4. Gloss

5. Sunset bronzer

6. Drip highlighter

Rob Sargsyan has over 300,000 followers on Instagram who admire him for his skills in creating wonderful makeup looks. No doubt that he will be more successful in the near future due to his talent. Ashley Graham, Ashley Hinshaw, Kim Kardashian, and Rachel Roy are the celebrities who are now Rob’s regular client.

Rob Sargsyan’s skills have brought him to do commercials, film promotions, international masterclasses, red carpet events, and runway shows. TV shows like America’s Got Talent have noticed Rob’s talent. Rob Sargsyan loves to travel a lot. Wherever he travels, he shows his creative skills in editorial and runway work, press junkets, red carpet events, commercials and masterclasses.

You can visit their website: https://facesbyrobcosmetics.com/

To know more about Rob Sargsyan, follow him on Instagram: https://instagram.com/facesbyrob?utm_medium=copy_link


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