Looking for healthy and filing food recipes to cook then Jessica Mack’s food blogging page is your answer!

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In recent times, people are very health conscious and want to eat healthy food. They often look for recipes on the internet to cook. Among several food blogging pages, Jessica Mack’s food blogging page “More than meatless Monday” offers versatile food recipes for people to enjoy.

Dr Jessica Mack is a renowned Occupational Therapist, certified personal trainer, lifestyle expert, chef, content creator, and also food blogger.

According to Jessica, she herself stopped eating meat at the age of five. She has since, always looked for healthy and filling foods and collected recipes from magazines and books. When her illnesses impacted her ability to participate in various roles in her life, Jessica retired from practising as a therapist. Later when people started sharing her food recipe on social media, she officially launched her blogging page on food

On asking what is the biggest challenges you have faced and how did she overcome them, she said, “The biggest challenge is my health. I have been overcome with fatigue, experience incessant fevers, weight loss, muscle contractures, and more. I overcame the challenges of my diseases by keeping the faith, focusing on my blog, and staying connected to my community online. I am grateful that I did not give up before the miracle happened.  I am grateful for a strong support system with my husband, my family, and my friends.  Focusing on raising our daughter also helped me to stay motivated to stay alive! Exercise and meditation help as well.”

Over the years she has gained a substantial number of followers on her social media. Jessica has loved cooking and baking and frequently incorporated culinary arts into therapy sessions.

Dr Jessica Mack has made television appearances on the Emmy award-winning daytime show The Dr Oz Show and on The Katie Couric Show. She has also appeared on radio shows, including Long Island’s oldest radio show, WGBB, and Sirius/XM’s The Doctors show and was a frequent guest on the Lifestyle, Today Show. Currently, Jessica is looking forward to producing a cookbook, her own cooking show, and a line of cookware. Therefore, through hard work, Jessica has established herself as one of the top food bloggers in the industry.

Connect to Jessica Mack and her food blog More than meatless Monday, you can check out her social media handle and also attend the virtual cooking classes if you are looking for amazing recipes to cook. (Link down below)

Instagram: @drjessicamack @morethanmeatlessmonday

Twitter: @morethanmeatle1

Website: www.morethanmeatlessmonday.com

Virtual cooking classes: https://www.airsubs.com/pros/jessica-mack


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