Liv Schreiber is a fashion blogger, stylist and entrepreneur in news for her venture Brand Caffeine.

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The Fashion tech founder has generated over six figures in the first year of business which she started with her twin brother, impressive isn’t it?

Liv Schreiber is a known name in the fashion industry and runs a fashion tech company which has its expertise in creating content to build fashion brands called Brand Caffeine (www.brand-caffeine.com), and also runs an education program, Zoom Fashion Week, which provides fashion education to hundreds of students from around the world free of cost. She designed a one of its kind influencer styling program where she takes up the challenge of styling her followers including celebrities which is a big hit with the audiences. Fashion enthusiasts are in awe of the way she combines her views with fashion tips. What makes her more endearing is the manner in which she encourages her followers and shows them the right path with empathy. She has had the privilege to work with known brands like Revolve, Moroccanoil, Amanda Uprichard, Casely, Sorels, Teen Vogue, Refinery29, Birdies, Steve Madden and Google.

Her interest in fashion started when she was just 10 years old, when she created her first handbag which was featured in Garnet Hill Magazine. Growing up her love for fashion grew and she discontinued her studies from the university of Wisconsin Madison to pursue a career in digifashion marketing, branding, virtual styling and image consulting. Soon she launched her company Brand Caffeine with her twin brother at 23, which picked up pace right from the word go generating over six figures in the first year of business. Her expertise in the fashion realm has her mentoring thousands of women through livschreiber.net. Liv has also walked in NYFW for Sorels Fashion Show, 2020, which is quite impressive by all standards. Her popularity has taken her to astounding heights of success, such that today her fan following counts to over 45,000 and is growing by the day.

Along with guiding and mentoring clients she is also on a mission to help those suffering from anxiety, loneliness and general crisis. Liv says, “I believe each one of us has the power to glide through tough times and I try to preach being positive in life and face the challenges and eventually emerge as winners.”

To know more, visit her official website www.livschreiber.net or follow her on Instagram@livschreiber.


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