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Now more than ever, we feel the need to sanitise our homes thoroughly. Sanitization Experts, a 24×7 sanitisation company, has years of experience sanitising not just homes but also vehicles, offices, and healthcare facilities. With the Covid-19 outbreak, even though we’re only stepping out of our homes for essentials (with masks on!), it’s still good to be safe, especially if you have kids or the elderly at home.  

We really liked Sanitization Experts because they used dry sanitization services, which is an eco-friendly way to sanitise and doesn’t permit bacteria or other viruses to enter the environment. They cleaned the interior of our home with dry steam technology, which is biodegradable and is odourless, so our house didn’t smell of disinfectants for days. As it’s dry, it doesn’t leave surfaces wet. So basically, it meant we didn’t have to run around rinsing and cleaning up after the sanitisation guys (Mom still made us do the dishes, though.) 

The experts who came to our home were super professional. All of them were wearing the appropriate PPE. They also came with enough sanitisation products to sanitise the exterior of our home. 

We reached out to them via their Instagram account and, within a few minutes, had worked out the details and set up a time for the sanitisation. They were super helpful, and the quick responses helped speed up the process. 

Price: INR 2,500 for up to 200 sq. ft and an additional INR 700 for every 100 sq. ft.


They also sanitise the interior and exterior of vehicles. So if you drive to grocery stores or have driven anywhere recently, for that matter, you should probably opt for deep cleaning of your car as well.

I’m Ekansh, Founder of Sanitization Experts, which provides tech-enabled sanitisation services and products. We use an antimicrobial coating – a technology that turns contaminated high-touch areas into self-sanitising surfaces. We have been actively providing our Home De-Contamination services across Delhi/NCR throughout the COVID pandemic. Our service has helped Covid impacted houses disinfect optimally to help Others living in the home from not getting the COVID virus. Since the pandemic, we have provided service to more than 3000+ homes all across Delhi | Noida | Gurgaon | Nagpur | Raipur | Nepal and are continuously investing in R&D for better and efficient ways to sterilise. 

We at Sanitization Experts provide custom sanitisation services that kill a broad spectrum of Viruses, Bacteria, and Germs.


   We use the best in class technology with WHO, EPA, and FDA-approved chemicals.

We Guarantee Our Results. Our services are measured using our Hygiene chart system. This system ensures consistency and quality, allowing our Service Experts to guarantee your satisfaction after every single service we perform.

We Keep You OSHA-Compliant. Our experts are knowledgeable in OSHA regulations and will keep your business compliant with all OSHA standards.

We have recently introduced, 

INFINITY COAT- A service by Sanitization Experts!

INFINITY COAT is the Latest scientific way of Permanent sanitization, which keeps on removing 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and germs on whichever surface it is applied to for up to 90+ days.

Once coated on a surface, it works as an antimicrobial agent giving 99.99% germ kill protection & inhibiting microbial growth. It works as a sanitization coating on any surface & can be effective up to 3 months*

Application Method – We use Worlds no. 1 patented 360* electrostatic sprayers procured from the USA for Infinity coat application which covers every nook, corner, and crevices with its positive charge technology.

The technology used for Infinity Coat has been proven effective against SARS and other droplet-based viruses. Being antimicrobial in nature, it inhibits microbial growth, hence providing effective sanitization for facilities.

Sanitization Experts will provide you with certification cards of the treatment upon completion, which will be integrated with our online platforms to educate you further to stay safe. It will be provided to you over your registered email Id


https://lbb.in/delhi/sanitization-experts-service/ https://www.instagram.com/sanitizationexperts/?hl=en


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