Learn how Hybe is bringing in the gamified shopping experience

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Hybe is a fine example of gamified shopping. It is a platform created in 2018 and provides a more innovative way of shopping that beats the traditional method. Chris Berry is a successful entrepreneur who has been an active member since 2014. He has worked for many prestigious companies before which deal with vintage clothing resellers, cryptocurrency exchanges, etcetera. He is also overlooking Hybe at the moment.

Stellaire Deux Limited operates Hybe. Its headquarters are located in Dublin, Ireland and they gave employees as well as contractors working globally. “We source our products via StockX and other third-party partners, and offer an authenticity guarantee on all high-value items”, added Chris. In fact, Hybe has successfully garnered 1 million verified users last year in 2020 and is statistically supposed to reach double figures by the third quarter of 2021.

To date, Hybe has collaborated with countless famous social media influencers for gamified shopping and brand awareness in order to showcase it on a broader scale. Many famous social media stars such as Mike Majlak, Ace Family, Prettyboyfredo, Lance Stewart, and Robin Birrell have partnered with Hybe for brand promotion. These influencers have millions of subscribers on YouTube and thus the exposure is great. The outcome of these collaborations has garnered positive feedback from the audience. The content produced is nothing entertaining as well as informative, thus ticking the creativity box. Hybe has reached over 100k followers on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram due to this. 

Chris Berry further added, “I’m working to ensure this platform’s prominence within gamified shopping, in addition to offering an innovative new way for customers to shop. I and my team are also exploring future projects within e-commerce and related sectors, some of which tied directly into Hybe.”

Since its foundation in 2018, Hybe has witnessed the unboxing of over 6 million mystery boxes. This figure is reportedly doubling up by 2022 as per statistics. Its original aim was to rise as an alternative to traditional and existing online shopping. However, it had managed to get a stable foothold and be successful due to the rise of gamified shopping. This, everything is working in their favour.

There is a lot more to know about Hybe. We hope that you will check them out on the links given below. Who knows maybe you will be pulled in as well to the world of mystery boxes!

Website- https://hybe.com/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/hybecom

Instagram- https://instagram.com/hybecom?utm_medium=copy_link

Facebook- https://m.facebook.com/hybecom

Discord- https://discord.com/invite/enEF2WR


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