Learn about Pierre Subeh’s incredible journey as a successful Entrepreneur and Author:

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Pierre Subeh is a successful Author, Businessman and Executive Producer. He has won prestigious awards for his contribution. He has cooperated with the Caribbean Government which includes major areas such as Bonaire, Curaçao, and Aruba. This was done in order to bring major unconventional and upgraded technological advancements to the area. He has also managed to make Apple, the leading tech company currently, advertise and promote its brand in the Western Hemisphere.

Pierre owns X Network Agency and X Curaçao. X Curaçao is currently the leading Digital Billboard Network in the Caribbean. Their reputation skyrocketed due to their client list including Pepsi, TUI Airlines, Apple, Cinemark, Abbott Laboratories and many more. The major Technological changes and upgrades in the Caribbean region has made Pierre more recognized and even drew the attention of Paul Buchheit, the legend who created Gmail.

“Tech-giants always focus on major cities across the globe, and developing communities such as the Caribbean islands are often left forgotten.” Said the 22-year-old Business Expert in an interview. This is why Pierre wishes to make a difference and turn the interest of big corporate firms towards these neglected areas. The involvement of Apple in the Caribbean has already paved the way for future investments. He firmly believes that Curaçao is a great destination for new Businesses and might turn into a common profitable business hub if utilised properly.

His commendable work, especially for turning April into the NAAMH has earned him a place in globally acclaimed media outlets such as The Washington Post, Yahoo News, Forbes, CNBC, The New York Post, etcetera. He had previously taken an interest and studied human psychology and the behavioural science behind productivity. Pierre is an efficient leader who can manage teams and this is the primary reason for his success. Pierre had received the young entrepreneur award at 17 due to his significant success in the business industry which led to an earning of six figures.

As for his future plans, a talented and intellectually driven man such as Pierre Subeh definitely has several. He was recently featured in the headlines for the release of his new book “Building Wealth Through An Army of Loyal Customers”, which has been released in May 2021 and is for sale directly from the Amazon platform, keeping in mind our present situation due to COVID-19.

There is a lot more to know about Pierre Subeh and we are sure that after being introduced to him, you will be wanting to know more and more. You can connect to Pierre Subeh on:

Website- https://www.pierresubeh.com/

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/pierresubeh/?hl=en

Twitter- https://twitter.com/pierre_subeh?lang=en

LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/pierre-subeh


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