Layer by Layer, Famous Artist Alexandra Squire Builds Her Brand:

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Alexandra Squire is one of the very renowned abstract painters and artists. She is a Bethesda, Maryland DC based artist. Alexandra was a self-taught, instinctual and contemporary artist. She likes to create simple shapes and strong palettes that are bold yet uncomplicated. Her minimalist style is intended to give viewers the space they need to create a connection with the art.

She initially worked in the field of journalism. Later she switched to a career as a painter. She went from being an on-air journalist in the Las Vegas area to a painter. Working in media, television, and PR 9-5 as a full-time career, she was never happy or inspired by that culture, but it was still hard to start over, especially when she had her first two children 13 months apart. she had the natural fears and jitters of someone who was taking a chance, but she always knew it was the right decision and thus took a step towards it. “My gut told me this was my path, and I am grateful I listened to my intuition,” says Alexandra.

She is focused on creating art that is substantial, open to interpretation, and rich with depth and texture. She is known for her signature style of pairing vibrant colours with muted tones to create beautiful pieces that are both simple and deceivingly complex. every work of Alexandra’s includes a metaphor. She tends to create an artwork that equates to two things that make her work stand out among the collectors.

As a painter, working with resin requires a certain amount of tenacity. It needs a lot of patience and trial and error to figure out the right process. Alexandra paints on the wood first and then let it dry for several days. She resins between each layer she sands. In general, a piece takes time to dry in between each layer of resin. Further, she has to clean off the dust between, level the pieces, and make sure to use the exact right amount of mixture. It takes a long time to figure out exactly how to make it work. And that doesn’t even include learning how to safely ship it. On average, each piece takes 6 weeks to create.

Alexandra still has a lot more talent to express and many parts of her individuality she wishes to explore through art. If you want to know more about Alexandra Squire and her fine artwork you can check out her social media handle (link down below)

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/alexandrasquireart/?hl=en

Website- https://www.alexandrasquireart.com/

Facebook- https://m.facebook.com/AlexandraSquireArt/


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