Kieran O’Brien, the 22-Year-old Tech Mogul Thriving in the Technology World

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The tech industry is one of the economy’s most booming sectors. The modern world is largely driven by tech, with numerous innovations increasingly influencing different aspects of human life. Technology has also been a blessing, not only bettering lifestyles but also creating diverse, lucrative career paths.

The tech industry is arguably one of the biggest employers, with millions of people directly benefiting from the many different sectors. Career success stories are also a common feature in the industry, with dedicated and passionate industry players working hard to see their dreams come true.

Kieran O’Brien is someone living a thriving career in the tech world. Kieran is a successful entrepreneur, digital marketer, and car enthusiast. He is the founder of MediaKits, a leading online platform. MediaKits offers a simple and easy-to-use platform for bloggers, influencers, and musicians to create a custom media kit online with real-time data and analytics. It’s the ideal platform that wants to increase its online visibility with proven numbers and strategies. The young marketer has also played a significant role in helping many other brands succeed in the highly competitive online space with his unique and practical marketing strategies.

The 22-year-old tech mogul shares a remarkable industry success story. He is a self-made millionaire who leveraged his passion and interest in the tech industry to drive a successful career. Kieran started his first company at 16, working hard through dedication and commitment to scale it to 6 figures by 17. He also took his second company from $0–$1M ARR in a record time of under ten months. Kieran also leveraged his business experience and network to raise over $1M in venture capital for MediaKits, his 3rd company, from many notable angel investors.

But the journey to success is never meant to be easy, and Kieran understands this perfectly. Starting young in an old and antiquated industry was very challenging for him. Luckily, he managed to overcome the many obstacles and hurdles in his path by learning from many experienced stakeholders in the industry. Kieran says he practices listening first and talking second, and that’s how he managed to pull through to success. He also had to bring a unique point of view to conversations with older industry leaders, so there was always an equal exchange.

Kieran also uses his success to inspire and empower other young entrepreneurs to go after their goals in life. He wants to help others live their full potential by not keeping any skeletons in their closets. He also seeks to make others understand that the journey might be challenging, but hard work is always rewarded. In addition, his advice is to not screw people over intentionally, and if you accidentally mess up, admit to it and make things right to the best of your ability.

Kieran also aspires to teach young people to take a less traditional approach and still be successful. One of the things that changed his life was taking a gap year after high school, which led him to fall in love with business. His dream is to one day start an organization to fund gap years for less fortunate kids post-high school graduation.


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