Kevin Ko is providing a helping hand to all in need, with latest venture Crypto Kingz:

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Kevin Ko is a specialist in the field of cryptocurrency and a Commercial Real Estate expert. He believes that cryptocurrency is true, the way forward.

Kevin has always been intrigued by the avenue of business and likes to refer to himself as a serial entrepreneur. Starting off with a cold-pressed juice shop, he put his heart and soul into building this brand in the year 2014 and called it Instapressed. He worked a day in and day out and turned this venture into an instant success. And after persistently investing in building the image of the company, he eventually sold it and moved on to bigger things. It wasn’t just the profit that he gained after receiving the buyout, what he gained was the experience. The experience of turning a business idea into a mammoth success. And that gave rise to Aloha Coffee. Aloha Coffee was Kevin’s brainchild. And with him already well versed with the secrets to succeeding in this arena, it’s needless to say that Aloha Coffee was loved by the people, with it being named as one of the best coffee shops in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Working as a commercial banker for Industrial Market in Honolulu, he is focused on being under a committee of commercial asset advisors, working as a full-time broker. He also pursues his passion of being an investor, acting as a helping hand to budding investors who aspire to create a mark for themselves in the field, filling them in with all the tricks of the trade he has picked up over the years.

Kevin has always been into the idea of looking for new prospects. Last year he found himself in the world of sporting cards. Sporting cards are something whose value has soared during this pandemic. Earlier seen as somewhat of a showpiece or only as a token of nostalgia, people are now considering sporting cards as a rather serious way of investing, some even going as far as claiming that they are the future of retail investing.

Kevin Ho has been in the arena of cryptocurrency since 2017. He has been drilling people about the semantics of crypto and has even put together customized portfolios based on the risk tolerance level of his clients. He has helped out thousands of people with their portfolios, ranging from your average nine-to-five-ers to Hollywood celebrities and social media influencers and personalities. Hundreds of brokers who have consulted him have cracked through perfect deals. He has become such a big name that people in flocks have approached him to get his advice on the next big thing that can earn them money, hoping to cash in on his expertise.

Kevin has, until now, operated pretty much under the cover. But with the launch of Crypto Kingz, he wants to make himself more available to the public domain, hoping to help more people get more accustomed to the Dos and Don’ts of investing and educating them about the crypto space.

If you too, like me, are looking to learn more about the ever-increasing world of cryptocurrency, then Kevin Ko is the man for you. For more details, you can follow him on his social media handles and find out more about his successful startups on Yelp.

Visit: – www.cryptokingz.com

Instapressed on Yelp

Aloha Coffee on Yelp



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