Ju Poppin is here to start you on your healthy hair journey:

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Previously, having a healthy crop of hair was a norm but in recent years after the launch of mass-produced, chemically loaded products and the trend of colouring hair, it has decreased everyone’s hair quality. Ju Poppin is such a brand that works hard to create products that help to improve your hair quality and make it healthier.

Ju Poppin as a brand represents the healthy hair journey. The owner of the brand Francine Gillian Garcia is a master stylist, visionary, philanthropist and haircare educator. Even though Francine launched this brand in the heart of the pandemic, her business has seen tremendous growth and success ever since its start. This is because, through years of work, Francine has been able to win the trust of many and help several people regain their confidence. Having an already huge loyal fanbase has given her brand the push it needed.

On asking Francine if there is any secret ingredient behind her brand success, she simply answered their brand has nothing to hide. And there is no such secret ingredient. All the ingredients used are simply organic products, chosen after much research, which is why they have so many good results and amazing reviews of all of their products from everyone who has used it.

Among their several products the top-selling product of Ju Poppin is Ju Poppin growth oils, Ju Poppin vitamin E oil, Ju popping scalp healing mist and many more. The products are 100% transparent with their composition and contain wonderfully natural ingredients.

•The key ingredient of Ju Poppin growth oil is English lavender which is a scalp stimulator for growth, Black cumin seed which is for a healthy scalp and ylang-ylang which prevents shedding of hair.

•The key ingredient of Ju Poppin vitamin E oil is sunflower packed with omega9 fatty acids and vitamin E, together they help to reduce breakage, split ends, frizz and increase the shine of the hair. Avocado can help in penetrating the hair shaft and deeply strengthen the structure of hair and coconut oil prevents moisture and protein loss and gives hair a natural shine.

•Ju Poppin scalp healing mist spray includes ingredients like Aloe vera which calms and soothes the scalp inflammation, lavender and tea tree help to stimulate growth and block DHT build-up and rosewater which heals the common scalp issues like psoriasis and eczema.

The brand voice of Ju Poppin is healthy hair and healthier self-esteem to help them stand by our look good- feel good Moto. Ju Poppin is a brand that is always filled with positive energy that the viewers can instantly feel just by watching their videos.

To know more about Ju Poppin and purchase a product visit their website: https://jupoppin.com/

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