Joel Sandoval Talks About Aiming To Be The Biggest Bilingual CPA Firm In America

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There might be many CPA firms in the United States of America but not all of them can boast about being bilingual. CPA firm’s primary goal is to focus on helping businesses and enterprises with their accounts, audit, and finance-related decisions. 

Joel Sandoval is the owner of one of the leading CPA firms based in Bakersfield, California. He grew up in a small community in Watsonville, California which was predominantly Hispanic. 

His parents worked in real estate and were successful in their field of work. During 2008- 09 the entire country suffered a financial crunch courtesy of the recession which inspired Joel to propel himself into the field of accounting.

Joel Sandoval never planned on establishing his CPA firm. Being in a stressful job, working for an unappreciative boss compelled him to build his CPA firm.

However, it hasn’t been an easy path for Joel to start his own business from scratch. He didn’t know anything about marketing the business, pricing his services, or growing a team. 

Joel Sandoval has experienced and learned lessons along the way to building his business. “Make sure to do your due diligence because I’ve been burned in the past,” says Sandoval.

“ My advice for those trying to start their own business would be to invest in coaching and mentorship.”

Joel has many personal goals to accomplish mainly, being a public speaker, podcast host, and developing a personal brand. One of the important goals that Joel wants to work toward for his CPA firm is to make it the biggest bilingual CPA firm in the US. He believes in starting a client relationship on a trustworthy note by providing a personalized tax plan where the business owner can save tens or hundreds or thousands of dollars in taxes.

One piece of business advice that Joel Sandoval wants to share is, “ Fear is just a feeling. It’s normal to have fear. Fear is usually caused by a lack of confidence. The more confidence you have, the less fear you have. And you build confidence by having knowledge and experience.”

Having successfully established a lucrative firm and striving toward building the biggest bilingual CPA firm Sandoval will leave no stone unturned to make it a reality.

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