Irene Day Says Putting in Work for What you Want is Mandatory 

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Never has it been said scaling a successful business, let alone starting and maintaining a business is an easy undertaking. Being one of the hardest career paths to go down, entrepreneurship is a jagged coast of obstacles and liabilities that are unavoidable. If not prepared, one can easily fall into the mindset that risks are too much and either never make progress, or never take on their venture to begin with. Though, thriving entrepreneurs like Irene Day, are here to tell their story to help others understand what it truly takes to be successful.

Irene is a financial consultant, as well as the founder and CEO of Hannah Financial, a financial consulting firm that in just under 3 years has been able to go from nothing to a 7-figure company through their quality services.

Having grown up in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio, Irene did not have the educational resources or support to learn in-depth about finances or how to start a business. “College doesn’t teach you how to start a business. I had to learn and am still learning everything on my own. Coming to the realization that you can’t half ass show up for your business and expect it to be profitable was something that took me a while to grasp. The internet makes it seem so easy when it isn’t.” explains Irene.

Irene had to structure and develop everything that she knows all by herself in order to get her company off of the ground. While most would seek assistance from mentors in the field, Irene decided that she would be better off learning from her successes and mistakes herself. One of the most valuable lessons she came to learn was the value of doing everything that you can for your passion to the fullest extent.

Irene Day is passionate about educating those who challenge their abilities for their dreams as she has and continues to do. Irene beckons to those who are willing to put in the work, and throw everything that they have into achieving their goals with her mobile app and online community, Hannah Financial University where she aims to accurately educate her students on just how to build a successful, profitable business in finance for both the seasoned experts and financial novices.


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