Impact, Love and Influence : A business cocktail.

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Izhaar Karim is a man for whom the line “Jack of all trades” is very apt for.

At a young age, he’s accomplished an incredible amount of things with sheer hard work. 

When asked how he built prestige for himself in the industry and business, he said and I quote “The heart to see people living a better life has pushed me to change the narrative of the less privileged. So every time I see vulnerability, I am compelled to help in order to bring a smile to all humanity.” 

He is one of a kind.

So, you ask, what is it that makes him stand out in his industry? 

He says he is not special, but an ordinary person. However he made a resolve in his heart to see people as human beings first, without judging their color, race, religion or social-economic status. 

This is why through Aim Foundation he has managed to reach out to all kinds of people, mostly the underprivileged, who deserve a chance to turn their lives around. 

Aim foundation is a charitable organisation with the motive to help those who are less fortunate and in need. He works with his father Dr. Tony Karim who is the Founder of Aim Foundation. He is the one who most looked up to by Mr. Karim and his father is also his role model, the only man he wants to be. 

He further states that everything he has created and endeavoured is through his father’s blessing, and that he is behind the man Izhaar has become today, and all paths that he has ever walked on have been set by the one and only Dr. Tony Karim himself. 

He appreciates his father immensely! They accept everyone’s donations to help sustain the livelihood of our people. 

And what made him choose this path, you ask? The story is incredibly wholesome! 

He was raised to actively look for, recognize, and seize opportunities. There is a part in of all of us that brings satisfaction to humanity by merely giving to others, without expecting anything in return. 

They call this the law of reciprocity. 

Izhaar started philanthropic work by following in his father’s footsteps, who- like Mr. Karim has mentioned before- has always been a constant source inspiration to him.

And it is he who pushed him to the edge of his comfort zone so that he could work on himself and be better every day. 

Mr. Karim is involved in the digital marketing, software development and tech space.

He is also a part of several other ventures, which is the reason why he would rather not be called just a serial Entrepreneur. 

Successes he is very (and rightfully so, might we add) proud of 

– Creation of Unique Softwares

– Collaboration with several companies:


Essa loans

Aim foundation 

Palm Rock Restaurant 

Essa capital 

– Accomplished creation of several Websites 






– Clientele achievement good feedback

– Creation of Videos and designs

The URL of his social profiles

– http://www.izhaarkarim.com/

– IG Handle: https://www.instagram.com/thisisjrtony?r=nametag

He said he’d like to give the following tip to his followers :

“We are surrounded by stories, and let these stories be our motivation to act. There is no other perfect time to help or act, than right now. No one knows what might happen tomorrow, meaning, we can only guarantee our existence for a day – today. So why not make the most of it? Let’s utilize our limited time effectively. The best leader is one who does not just dictate orders, but also acts. He leads a team, he helps others. He is defined by how much of an influence he has made on others, so aim at creating a name for yourself. Lastly leverage your social capital for greater impact.”


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