If you are looking for unique and exquisite customized jewellery, then Benny the Jeweller is the only answer for you!

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Benny Nisanov is a 30 year old renowned jeweller who owns a famous jewellery shop in New York City.

Benny Nisanov is a New York-based Jeweller. In his early life, he has grown up helping his father in his jewellery shop. Senior Nisanov has worked for more than 20 years before handing over the jewellery business in the hands of Benny and eventually retired. Benny has been working for his father since the age of 8. He believes he learned everything that he knows to date is all from his father.

After 8 years in the business, Benny finally opened his open jewellery shop in the Diamond District of the city. Currently, the new shop is 5 years into the business and has established itself as one of the renowned stores in the city. His shop is located in New York city along 47th street.

In his jewellery store, customers can find engagement rings, stone-encrusted tennis chains gold chains, pendants, watches. Benny’s amazing custom Jewellery simply takes over the industry with both trendiness and classy style.

A lot of celebrities and influencers has been a loyal customer to benny’s store. Artists like Diddy, Pop Smoke, Mary J. Blige, Lil Tjay, Tim Hardaway Jr, the famous Comb family and French Montana are his regular customers. One of the famous celebrities, Bobby Shmurda took to Instagram to show off his recent extravagant pieces which was an iced-out “GS9” emblem which is created by Benny the jeweller. 

Benny’s ability to create whatever the clients want in term of design and his exquisite taste of designing makes him and his store stand out in this competitive industry. He also offers a wide range of quality and price for different Jewellery pieces. His business has gained huge success over the years as it one of the only shops which provide exceptional quality at an amazing price range compared to others.

Currently, he is looking forward to expanding his business further in the United States but the exact location is still not confirmed yet. He is also working on his upcoming projects, including four customized pieces for French Montana and many more. Through his talent, Benny has now become a go-to jeweller for celebrities and the commoners.

In order to know more about Benny and his beautiful Jewellery pieces you can simply follow him on his social media account and also check out his website (link down below)

Instagram – @Bennydajeweler

Website – www.jewelsbybenny.com


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