How the CEO of Growthify Media , HARSH RONAK SINGH changed the narrative of media impact

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Who is Harsh Ronak Singh?

Harsh Ronak Singh, CEO, and co-founder of one of the most popular media and marketing agencies – Growthify Media. There’s no doubt that Harsh thinking skills played a huge role in the impact of creating their own space.

Harsh Ronak Singh’s successful career thus far in media and publishing is quickly on the rise. Since the start of his career in 2020, he has become one of the most influential bloggers, influencers in Delhi. If you read the blogs or spend time using social media, it’s almost impossible not to stumble upon his work.
In less than two years, Harsh ( Styleonair ) became a star blogger producing original content and celebrity interviews for Yahoo.com, Disruptmagazine. and Deccanchronicle, and many big websites. His original content on Instagram make a voice of youth:- Instagram Handle – https://www.instagram.com/styleonair_

“I fell in love with the work I had done to transform my life! I fell in love with the energy of wanting a better life and creating the life of my dreams,” Harsh said

Harsh also saw how capable he is as a person, especially since he managed to get what he always dreamed of.

“I was done living a life of mediocrity. I envisioned my future self and what she looked like, and what he did, and I made it my mission to get inspired by her every day,” he said. 
But Harsh didn’t want to keep this self-development to herself. Since then, he has founded his Growthify media which helps people to get the reach which they want and people are really excited about this.

Harsh is a hard working successful man who keeps looking at greater opportunities and learn


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