How Pro Esports Athlete Hannah “Bispen” Geensburg Became a Role Model for Women in Esports

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The world of video gaming is largely thought to be a male-dominated world. Hannah “Bispen” Geensburg is a professional esports athlete who is redefining what it means to be a woman in the gaming community. Her enthusiasm and drive are a message to other gamer women that there is still potential for them to earn a spot in this industry.

Born in Florida and raised in California, Bispen is a YouTuber, gamer, streamer, content creator, and influencer based on Twitch and YouTube. She says she has always been passionate about esports; growing up, it was her dream to become an esports athlete.

Despite the many challenges she has faced along the way, Bispen continues to practice her craft, with the goal of creating a better future for other women in esports. She says for the longest time, online gaming has been stereotyped as a pastime exclusively for males. However, with women like Bispen in the field, that is all changing quickly.

One of the major challenges that women in the esports community face, according to Bispen, is other players trying to downplay their abilities. She says most people tend to assume she is a man after learning that she is a pro gamer. Having won various tournaments, Bispen is proof that women can be at least as talented as men in the field of esports. Bispen’s goal is for every girl to feel like they can do just as well as any boy as a pro gamer. She says that many women in esports tend to give up because they have no role models, but she aims to change this.

Bispen says that to succeed, you should be ready to fail. She notes that a lot of people never go far or are unwilling to try new things because they are afraid to fail. Rather than beating yourself up for the failures you make, try to view them as learning opportunities and use them to help you avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

The world of online gaming is very competitive, and Bispen stresses the importance of doing “you” in order to stand out. Don’t try to fit in by copying the moves of your fellow gamers. A unique approach is the key to conquering any game and gaining an edge over other players. Preventing your opponents from being able to guess what you’ll do next will go a long way to help you become a pro gamer.

Her advice to young gamers is that everyone has experiences with games where they just aren’t good enough. When she began, she was also an amateur, but as time went on her skills grew and she legitimately became a force to be reckoned with. The lesson to take away from Bispen’s story is thus; follow your dreams and be confident that you can find the success you’re looking for, and it will surely come. All it takes is passion, determination and effort.

Being a woman in the gaming community has its pros and cons, but if you’re a young woman who is passionate about gaming and wants to achieve an esports career, you shouldn’t let this hinder you from following your dreams. If Bispen did it, so can you!


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