How One Woman’s Vision Is Giving A Voice To Women Around the World: An Exclusive Interview With Zeenat Sheikh, CEO of L’Zur Skincare and Cosmetics

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Zeenat shared with us about a time in her life where several women were reaching

out to her for help. They were experiencing a lack of confidence, some of which

were victims of abuse. Zeenat is passionate about giving those women a voice again,

or maybe for the first time ever. Which is where The Voices of L’Zur started.

We have on seat today the Founder and CEO of L’Zur Skincare and Cosmetics, Zeenat Sheikh. Zeenat is a medical esthetician and a makeup artist who has been in the industry for over 17 years!

Today, we will discuss her career, passion, motivation, and brand during this interview. 

Interviewer: Please, can you introduce yourself?

Zeenat: I am Zeenat Sheikh, CEO of L’Zur Skincare and Cosmetics. I am also the Founder of The Voice of L’Zur, a non-profit organization that caters to women.

Interviewer: That’s pretty impressive.

Zeenat: Thank you. 

Interviewer: As regards your non-profit organization, can you give us more insight about it?

Zeenat: It is a non-profit organization called “The Voice of L’Zur”, where women can learn, grow and build a better future. I feel many women worldwide, especially women from third-world countries, need opportunities to grow irrespective of the distress of physical and mental abuse they endure daily, making them feel a lack of confidence. So many of these distressed abused women are so talented and they have so much opportunity to grow but they have been suppressed for so long the fear of speaking up is impossible. And that’s why L’Zur wants to be the voice of many women around the globe. This is where The Voice of L’Zur comes in. We give them another chance, a glimmer of hope to rise again. 

Interviewer: I must say, this is pretty commendable. How will you fund the non-profit organization?

Zeenat: It will be funded by donating a percentage of the sales made from L’Zur Skincare and Cosmetics. 

Interviewer: What motivated you to start a non-profit organization?

Zeenat: I feel like my life is a very special gift from God. After all the surgeries and problems I went through, I can still stand in 6-inch heels and dance the night away. I am so grateful to have a second chance at life and all I can think of is how can I help others get this chance? As I was recovering from my health I had a few random distressed women that reached out to me for help and neither one has anything to do with the other. Listening to these women’s stories and what they go through daily was very disturbing to hear. I tried helping them as much as I could at the time and in the process of guiding these few women I completely forgot about all my problems and issues. Being able to help someone helped me recover. It is a priceless feeling to see someone do well because of you. I thought about how I can help these women more. There was no question about what I am the most passionate about and that’s skincare and cosmetics. Skincare and cosmetics have been a part of my life since I was a child.so I took my passion and tried my best to create a beautiful simple and clean skincare and cosmetic line any purchase made for L’zur products there will be a certain percentage donated to the voice of L’Zur. Our goal is to open fully funded women’s learning centers around the globe. 

Interviewer: So, why did you choose to venture into makeup and skincare? Why not something else?

Zeenat: I have been in this business since I was a child. I assisted my mum by selling Avon and Mary Kay products to her customers. That was when my passion for skincare, beauty, and cosmetics grew. I want to help women feel confident and beautiful through simple makeup and a skincare routine. When a woman looks gorgeous, it gives her confidence a huge boost. 

Interviewer: As a skincare and beauty enthusiast, what has been the significant downside in the industry?

Zeenat: Personally, one of the significant challenges I have faced is sourcing ingredients. I get the best ingredients from around the world to make sure they meet the quality and standard. Again, putting those ingredients together and getting the perfect formula takes a whole lot of time. We got discouraged at times, but we ultimately chose to persevere. For some products, it takes years of trial and error before we get the right formula, but it is worth it! And L’Zur did not compromise or settle for anything but the best, most natural, and most effective, result-driven ingredients. Each of the plant oils used in L’Zur products has multiple benefits.

Another downside in the industry is when there are false claims made on a product. If I tell you this product will clear your acne and make your face smooth in one month, that product should live up to that claim. Lots of products don’t live up to the claims, making the skin worse than it was. 

Interviewer: What has made you stand out in the industry?

Zeenat: Well, with 17 years of experience, I have had the opportunity to work with different women worldwide. I have gained the necessary knowledge and experience to know that every person is different. There is a need to carefully analyze a client’s skin concerns before advising on necessary treatments. I create products that work and live up to its claims and also meet people’s needs. 

Interviewer: With 17 years of experience, what advice do you have for someone pursuing this career path?

Zeenat: I wouldn’t say I know it all, but if I had known some things earlier, my journey might have been a lot easier. For start-ups and anyone in this career path, it is crucial to get a mentor. It will help you learn from and avoid the same mistakes. It will make your journey much more efficient without losing so much time, effort, and money. 

Interviewer: What do you plan on doing as regards your social media presence? It’s now a digital world. 

Zeenat: One challenge I didn’t mention earlier is finding the right person to manage my social media presence. Someone who will represent me and help bring L’Zur to life. Someone who will interpret my idea and put my vision out to clients in a beautiful way. 

Interviewer: So, what do we expect from Zeenat Sheikh and L’Zur Skincare and Cosmetics?

Zeenat: You should expect to see more of the brand worldwide. L’Zur is known to produce clean, simple, and luxurious products. The Voice of L’Zur will be heard all around the world and give power and voice to every woman who feels she can’t do certain things. 

My top dreams are:

  1. To open holistic healing centers in the USA
  2. To help women around the world through The Voice of L’Zur (non-profit organization) and to open a fully-funded women’s learning center. 

Interviewer: A holistic center? Can you briefly tell us the rationale behind that?

Zeenat: A couple of years ago, I almost lost my life because of an addiction. I was on opioids for 7 years, and I was told they would be a regular part of my life. I was rushed to the ER; that was when I realized I had been addicted to the medications. All I could do then was to pray and hope I survive to see one more day 

After all the surgeries and being confined to a wheelchair, as well as being addicted to opioids for 7 years, I finally got my life back. I haven’t taken a painkiller in 5years, and it’s a very proud feeling for me that I was able to overcome that. 

The holistic center is an avenue to help people overcome their addictions. I have made it my life’s mission to help people as much as I can. 

Interviewer: Thank you for sharing that with us. You are so strong and brave. And thank you for your time Zeenat, we appreciate you. Zeenat: Thank you for having me.


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