How Kartik Anand and XDBS Corporation is leading in the B2B Marketing sector

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Kartik Anand is an extremely successful Businessman who has more than 10 years of experience in the Business Industry. He is the founder as well as the Executive Chairman of KGV Group Ventures. Read further to know how this man withstood every challenge that cropped up in his way and currently owns successful business verticals in almost every sector.  Kartik stated, “I have always believed that it’s not what you do but how you do it that makes a difference. I have achieved substantial respect over the past decade, all credit to the opportunities I have had to add value in people’s lives through my ventures.”

KGV has media and publishing businesses that focus on curating content and providing marketing services to big IT organizations all over the world. Besides this, a dry cleaning and laundry business is under the wing of KGV Group Ventures. It operates on high tech backup. The other two prominent business verticals are the Automobile business and Food manufacturing business. The automobile companies with luxury cars are second hand. Kartik always wished to venture into the Food Industry. He utilized his passion for making food by making unique and delicious artisanal pizzas which are a hit all around the world today.  “With this in tow and our thriving dairy business, we aim to create a niche in the food and beverage industry”, added Kartik.

Kartik Anand launched XDBS corporation in 2011. It is currently one of the most popular and leading B2B marketing agencies. Kartik and five others were initially a part of this corporation and it is primarily due to them that the business grew to this extent. They also recently declared that they are going to officially launch their new corporate identity and branding. The popularity and good reputation of XDBS are due to their good quality, sustained and time-bound leads. These traits secured them a firm foothold in the B2B Marketing sector. “As we rediscover ourselves, our reinstated mission is to enable marketing, media, and technology companies realize their cross-vertical sales and marketing potential, helping them gain leadership positions in preferred markets”, added Kartik.

The motto of XDBS Corporation is to progress forward towards better and increased possibilities with the help of a passionate culture that strives to offer the best outcomes in terms of services for clients. It will continue to offer the best digital marketing services required by the clients and invest more in the latest marketing technologies and expert assistance.

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