How Island Banks is Inspiring the Young generation of Gifted Singers

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Island Banks was indeed more advantaged as a musician to have been born in a musical family. But it is false to say that he rode on that advantage. Island was never taken to any music school. 

Island enjoyed the moral support of his parents and siblings, but he navigated his way up until he found an edge. During his spare time, he composed his songs from his friend’s room. By his early teenage years, he had begun making simple but captivating performances in his local town of Essex. 

When Banks Found his Footing

Next, he tried a few demos and it did not take long before his work drew the attention of other well-to-do local artists. His niche was house and garage. His endorsement by the UK Garage legend, Mark Hill, set a new enthusiasm in him. More performances led to more gigs from radio and Tv. 

From the same platforms, he made sure to participate in musical competitions for official channel songs. He won against several famous stars. His boat continued to become more steady and graceful. Banks, however, did not allow the glory to get into him. He has since been proactive in securing contacts with renowned house music producers. 

What’s Next for Bank’s Fans

Island gives a clue on what he has been up to. He has been networking significantly with well-rated house producers. And soon, all house fanatics in Essex and beyond will be treated to a launch on the 10th of September 2021. The name of the upcoming release is; “Play it cool.”

What Makes Banks Stand Out From His Music Counterparts

Banks is a young adult. He stands out enormously from his peers in the musical arena because of his ability to connect with his audience. He states that most of his music is based on real-life situations. We can only wish Banks well as we stay tuned for more great music from him.


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