How CrowdFi Is Providing Crowdfunding Without Bias

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Fundraising has been the oldest humanitarian effort to help people in times of crisis. Besides assisting the needy and helpless, fundraising has always helped people connect for a common cause, promoting a feeling of community. However, the concept of fundraising has experienced a setback recently as mainstream fundraising platforms are trying to control and even manipulate the funds for their benefit. As a result, these funds are not reaching the people the fund is intended for but are instead being taken by the organization. CrowdFi, a decentralized fundraising platform, has stepped into this space to change this scenario and bring back the authenticity and humanity originally associated with fundraising. 

CrowdFi is a decentralized platform that holds fundraising campaigns to help people around the world. Launched on March 9, 2022, CrowdFi has already raised thousands in funds, and the list of people assisted by these funds is also growing. It all started when the team behind CrowdFi discovered how much foul play was involved in mainstream fundraising services. They noticed that these platforms or organizations not only control but also deny and even thwart funds to different campaigns. The main developer behind the project, Emir, already had a plan to host decentralized unbiased campaigns, which further matured into CrowdFi. 

From its beginning a month ago, the project has moved quite fast to become a fully functional decentralized fundraising platform. CrowdFi also launched its $CFI token to preserve transparency and authenticity. The team purposefully did not associate the project with an LLC or business to keep it free from any political influence. This means CrowdFi is not connected to any tax structure or held liable in any country for continuing or discontinuing a fundraising campaign. Regardless of the country’s political scenario or the people’s political interest, CrowdFi will extend a helping hand to all. 

Within the first 48 hours of its launch, CrowdFi managed to raise five figures. The amount was donated to Jason’s campaign. Jason is fighting a rare form of leukemia and has been duped by many fundraising services who took away his entire funds, leaving not even a dime for him. Unfortunately, Jason’s medical insurance doesn’t cover his trials, so he was in desperate need of funds. CrowdFi has been a savior here. Currently, CrowdFi is raising funds by hosting campaigns to help Ukrainian refugees and Australians who have been affected by the floods.  

CrowdFi intends to help as many people as possible globally, irrespective of any political agenda. The platform doesn’t judge people who seek help because it considers everyone equal. The core team at CrowdFi comprises Emir, the main developer, along with some prominent names from the sports and entertainment industries. Former NHL player and multi-gold medalist Zach Boychuk is a major contributor to scaling up this project, and he has been on the team since its launch. Chartered global recording artist Kyle Fortch is another significant team member who has been supporting CrowdFi and its goal since the day it was conceptualized. 

CrowdFi has set out with a humane initiative to help people in any form of crisis irrespective of their country, race, gender, or political inclination. The fact that the platform can work independently without any external influence is the biggest positive point that sets it apart from other crowdsourcing platforms.


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