How Charlie Swartz Built an Online Empire at Just Sixteen Years Old

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With the intensifying evolution and popularity of the fourth industrial revolution, millions of people around the globe have significantly benefited from it. Among these

beneficiaries is Charlie Swartz, a 16-year-old entrepreneur who has flourished tremendously through building online companies. At such a tender age, Charlie has proved that you can achieve your dreams despite how old you are or even by investing considerable resources to jumpstart your vision.  

Charlie has been into gaming his entire life, so he possesses the experience to excel in his craft. This exposure made it easier for him to create a very prosperous Minecraft Network. Today, he is the proud founder and CEO of MelonSMP, ranked within the top 1% of Minecraft networks played worldwide. The company has experienced a tremendous increase in terms of revenue and player base each month, and the growth is expected to continue in the coming years.

The journey to succeed in life as an entrepreneur is not without its ups and downs. Charlie has also encountered his own share of challenges along the way, but he hasn’t allowed the setbacks to deter him from achieving his dreams.

“I feel as if the biggest challenge I face is failure. I have tried a ton of different business ventures, but most of the time, they end up getting tossed out, which comes with a lot of wasted money and time. However, I do also think that failure is my greatest strength. When doing something you have not done before, you don’t really know what to expect until you fail. When I fail, I am able to learn what I can do to prevent failing next time. Gaining experience, knowledge, and connections is the key formula to succeeding. However, you can only gain those three things from first failing,” Charlie explains. 

Charlie confesses that nothing is impossible as long as you have a dream. All that you need is to chase that dream no matter your age, finances, where you live, etc. He has a couple of tips that you can apply to assist you in achieving your dreams earlier than other people your age. You have to be innovative, eager to learn, and hardworking. You should be dependable, and you should speak less and listen more as this will make people see you as intelligent, and they will be eager to hear what you have to say.

If you can recognize the right way to deal with other people, solve conflicts maturely, and build a good rapport, you will go a long way. You should build contacts wherever you go as you do not know what the future holds. Lastly, you should discern an opportunity before anyone else does and give it your best. If you can do all this, you’ll be champion in your industry before you realize it.

As a young mogul, Charlie aims to start a successful business on a much larger and global scale in a few years and has a great interest in emerging Web3 technology and the NFT/crypto space. He has tons of ideas for creating the next big NFT project, which he will likely implement, but he first wants to understand blockchain technology much better than most of his Generation Z peers. 


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