How Caleb Boxx Built a YouTube Automation Empire

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YouTube is arguably the largest and most popular social media platform globally. Millions of users log onto the platform daily. It’s also an avenue for creators to share their content with millions across the world. The platform has also distinguished itself as the leading platform for video content.

Among the many making a career off YouTube is Caleb Boxx, an American digital entrepreneur. Caleb is the founder and owner of a 7-figure media holding company based on YouTube Automation. He works with and consults for some of the biggest YouTube names in the world. He has also worked with Prestonplayz, a famous Youtuber with over 15 million subscribers and a massive social media brand.

Caleb has always had a passion for the digital space and spent a lot of time learning from the best YouTubers like MrBeast, among many others. He first wanted to learn and understand how the platform works before diving into the business. To him, it was only logical that he first amassed a solid foundation to make it easier for himself.

Caleb began his YouTube ventures back in 2016 after he was certain of sufficient knowledge and expertise. He leveraged this knowledge to research more about YouTube, which is how he ended up uncovering YouTube Automation. He was instantly fascinated by the concept, applying his creativity to make it more practical. Caleb viewed YouTube automation as a way anyone can create an extra income without having to create a video or have their face introduced to the world.

He struggled with content creation, and so YouTube automation proved to be a liberator for him. A highly creative and innovative person, Caleb quickly thought of the ingenious way to outsource online freelancer services to help him create faceless videos and other content. This was a significant discovery for the young creator, who pumped over $400 into hiring for the first time. Caleb often recalls the move as one of the most significant decisions and risks he’s had to make in his career. This was all the money he had, and there was little to no assurance of a positive return on investment.

But, true to Jawaharlal Nehru’s words, “Success comes to those who dare and dream,” Caleb was able to attain the biggest reward of his career, investing in a new blue ocean and business model. He is now famously known for his automated YouTube videos that address various topics, particularly trending ones like the NBA, movie reviews, the NFL, celebrity gossip, and more. These faceless videos gain millions of views in a month across all his channels.

Caleb has since then created the social media empire, employing over 140 people. He leads the team to create content for other people while teaching them how to independently do the same for their channels.

He aspires to grow with his team and build the world’s largest YouTube channel media holdings company. His dream is to reach and help other people create extra passive income through YouTube.

His advice is that you intern for large, influential people you want to become one day and learn how to do it best to achieve your goals. 


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